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  1. K

    Minbari Cruisers

    Just posting some old model pics here. These are a pair of Minbari Sharlin cruisers manufacured by Mongoose for the old "A Call to Arms" wargame. The models are white-metal and painted with Citadel paints.
  2. K

    Back from Beyond the Rim

    Hello, I have just joined this site and will post some pics of the models I have made and am currently working on. I am into quite a variety of SciFi and fantasy but for cool models and ships I firmly believe that Babylon 5 still has the coolest range of ships ever. Currently building a Warp...
  3. K

    Shadow Killer (Whitestar)

    Hello, First post as I have just joined this site. I am currently working on a Whitestar model that I have had sitting in its box for far too long. I will post some pics tonight showing the work in progress.