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    MPC X-wing with custom stand

    Couple of shots of my X-wing
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    Sanjay's (lazyeagle) Thunderbird 2 Studio Scale build

    This model maybe my undoing…but here goes. Thunderbird Two, all 32 inches of green morning glory….well if I get the shade right. Got these warped fibreglass pulls from good friend Mamas (RCnut) about five years ago when skills were sadly lacking. Not sure who mastered it but still it’s...
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    Sanjay's 44" Eagle Build (lazyeagle)

    Pulled this out of mothballs, hoping to finish my 44" Eagle. Started life as an A&B models Eagle but swopped out most most of the resin parts. - Only the shoulder pods and bells are of A&B heritage. Brass work all mine, as are the cage corridors, inclusive of landing gears which will be...
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    Genuine A&B models 44" & 22" Command modules

    Hi Selling my A&B Models 44" Command module that I've had for several years. 22" A&B models command module that came with the kit...
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    UFO Lunar Guppy

    Knocked this up over a few evenings, Moonvisions Lunar Module. Basic cockpit installed with astronaut/pilot, all silver and white strips are airbrushed on. Prefer lighter weathering- airbrush and some pastels. Quick build, very satisfying, thanks to Ric of Moonvisions....
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    Destiny Angel meets Colonel Robin Olds

    Studio 2 Angel Interceptor in the works- same one from RcNut. Size comparison with 1/32 Tamiya Phantom. Older pictures, the bird has been since sprayed in its final more next week. Nice and quick model- but needs reinforcement on the wingtip skids- routed in a square section of...
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    3ft Skydiver replica- Studio 2 model

    Hi Here's my WIP shots of the Studio 2 three ft Skydiver as provided by Mamas (RCnut). I've made some mods to the shape and scratchbuiilt some of the parts which I had lost. Conning tower is removable and Sky One is held by long bolt. Since these shots the hulls have been mated together and...
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    My First book published- 100 Greatest Women in Aviation

    Hi Just to let everyone know I've had my first book published- as per title above. I co-authored it with Liz Moscrop my partner - we charted the stories of 100 female flyers over a century of flight. From canvas and wood contraptions, through the war years to jets and finally outer space, women...
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    Hobby Show Japan- IR Hawk & Seaview

    Have a look at this link for the Japanese hobby show- IR Hawk and Seaview about halfway down
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    PE 23" Eagle Framework...Question..?

    I know the inaccuracies of the IR Eagle have been poured over with reinforced concrete, but just wanted gauge an opinion on its framework. I think somebody may have been DX or Chris P raised the issue that the entire framework from cages to spine were a little oversized. So hence would a...
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    Airfix -Britain's next top Model- BBC-2 7PM

    There's a programme on tonight 7pm on BBC-2 on Airfix and how it's being relaunched by Hornby- talking about Sc-fi tie-ins such as Doctor Who. Worth a look. Sanjay.
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    Royal International Air Tattoo 07- I got published!

    Hey guys Just wanted to share the highlights of the RIAT airshow in July this RAF Fairford...okay, happened ages ago- but my first article got published, and my new SLR didn't do too badly either...
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    Cardboard 44" Eagle

    Hi I seem to remember a posting awhile detailing a few pictures of a cardboard 44" Eagle - which I think was posted by DX not certain, it was pretty amazing to look at, shames my WIP heavily modified AB 44. Not sure who made it, but think DX was the connection.....any ideas anyone? Or am I...
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    Brass Rings for Main Bells

    Hi All Was wondering if there was anyone out there who could machine a set of brass rings on my behalf to hold the main bells on the cross frame. I've scratched built a set of plastic rings for my 44" Eagle but it just doesn't look good at all. Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks to...
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    44" AB Models Eagle Transporter

    Hi I joined the board awhile back and would like share some pics of my heavily modified AB 44" Eagle. I hope the pictures come out below. I vowed to be shot of all that heavy white metal for the cages and soldered new ones in brass. The main spine was warped and was also doused with alot of...