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  1. IanStewart

    Studio Scale Thunderbird 4

    I was lucky enought to be given a very large Thunderbird kit. Large meaning 29" long. The detail is very accurate, but it's on a scale that I've not dealt with before. The component parts are made from an off-white cast resin. There is a lot of excess resin to remove, but the end result should...
  2. IanStewart

    Thunderbirds Jeep

    I just can't seem to stop making models ! Having just completed the Superon tanker, I've learnt a few lessons, and I intend to use this knowledge on my next project - the Jeep that is often seen in Thunderbirds. There are two varieties - one that is a half-track vehicle (as seen in The...
  3. IanStewart

    Big Ben Strikes Again - Transporter Truck

    My son was dead keen to make the transporter truck from Captain Scalet's "Big Ben Strikes Again". I left him to it, with the only advice being plan what you want to do, make mistakes on paper. ------------- This is a guide to show you how I made the transporters truck from the Captain Scarlet...
  4. IanStewart


    I've found the perfect way to while away my lunch-time at work. WWW.ITV.COM has several episodes of Space 1999 and also a few UFO If your broadband is reasonable, then it's quite good (and it's much better than Solitair). If you want to try it out, click on "Catch Up" and figure it out from...
  5. IanStewart

    Superon Tanker

    Having made all of the Thunderbirds pod vehicles (on a small scale), and then a helijet, the question of what next was raised. One of my favourite Thunderbirds episodes was Path of Destruction. I don't think I'm good enough to make a Crablogger (yet), so I set my heart on the Superon Tanker...
  6. IanStewart

    Little Helijet

    Another tiny Thunderbirds vehicle off the production line - a Helijet - just one inch long. I went for the Grey/Houseman (End of the Road) colour scheme. The main body is made from a sawn-off Bic Razor !
  7. IanStewart

    Red Arrow

    This is my son's (crude) Red Arrow It's made from a Revell Eurofighter (body and wings) and an F-14D (nose cone and engines)
  8. IanStewart

    Tiny Pod Vehicles

    My son was lucky enough to be given a big Thunderbird 2 model. At about the same time KFC were offering Thunderbird models with Kids meals. One of the models was the Mole, and perfect to fit in the pod. I was asked by my son if I could make some more pod vehicles. The tricky part is that they...