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  1. RedTrev

    Thunderbirds Are Go - Or are they?

    I have to say that I watched the first couple of episodes in this series with a massive grin on my face and a small tear in my eye. This new series seems, to me, to capture the essence of Thunderbirds whilst keeping it relevant to a modern audience. I love that they've even tried using models...
  2. RedTrev

    Dalek Invasion Portsmouth - 6th May

    Picked up a flyer for this earlier today. Might be good if the weather holds.
  3. RedTrev

    RedTrev's Papercraft

    I've been papercrafting for 3 years now, stumbled into the hobby from Origami. Folded paper didn't give me the 3D depth I wanted ;) Anyway, here's one of my earliest models. It was made at work in my lunch hours (or that's what I told the boss) and took me about 10 hours in all. That was mainly...
  4. RedTrev

    Sci-Fi South Collectors - July 2011 Not been to one of these before, but thought it might be of interest to anyone on the South Coast. I assume that the "Darth Vader's" birthday is actually Dave Prowse's birthday: 01-Jul-1935