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    44" Engine Bell Tools

    Dear All I have had these on eBay for a while and I could do with shifting them. They make good quality resin cast bells. They are simple open top tools, I made the masters and tools based on the plans by Trice / Prud'homme. I purchased aluminium bells...
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    Valley Forge

    Having a go at this;a fuel pod maybe. Currently in CAD at studio scale(?) based on a couple of photos at the Lunadude website. Thinking; CNC, maybe a buck or mould as single sides and then fibre glass tooling and fibre glass model. Anyone know what is inserted in to the triangular spaces - was...
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    Elstree 1976 Film + Q&A

    Bit late notice for you all but on in my town; tomorrow night The Making of Star Wars Julian
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    Landing Pod Structure

    Hi Anyone interested in some laser cut brass work for the underside structure of the leg pod and above the landing foot. I was thinking "I cannot be bothered the cut the angled plates by hand, I should get these laser cut" I drew up the data in CAD (see photo) for the all of the sheet work - top...
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    44" Eagle - Bringing it all together

    Well, firstly and I don't fully understand why I started some threads as I was building the different parts of the Eagle; The passenger pod (still incomplete) The Leg Pods...
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    44" Bells and Engines

    Haven't posted for a while, what with travelling with work and family holidays and so on. I have done some work with the bells - getting into CAD and running a print on my B9creator. They came out well. I don't really want printed bells or resin parts but I am thinking about putting a silicone...
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    Google Cool.... Model making / space ship in street view. What more do we need (Alpha in streetview maybe!). Others have some rail and fairground stuff.
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    NASA Hyper III

    Was the NASA craft the inspiration for the Glider..... Or would data from 1969 still be classified / secret at the time of writing the script / designing the models? NASA even had an orange one! Maybe this has...
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    NASA Graphic Design Manual (1975) I have ordered one. Shame it wont be here for Christmas (March 2016 - Shipping; Funded on day 1!), I will have to get something else.
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    Brass Work

    A start with the brass work. Hoping to get the fish mouthing done so I can solder in the colder months. I have bought thicker walled stuff for the structural parts. I CNC machine the fish mouths using a 4mm cutter and circular interpolate with a helical path. The sizing is good and the burrs...
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    Blade Runner Modelshop

    Hope this isn't a repost! I did do a search, couldn't find anything. I was sent this link today... Enjoy Julian (did a Google, found a few other links as well)
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    So Walk-Ways (The boxy bits) I have started to cut the pieces I need to make them. No more MDF (three cheers; if you have been following my other builds, I have had issues with MDF), now using styrene and have got hold of some good cutters for the job. I found standard cutters overheated the...
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    44" EBay Is this what they are worth built (as a starting point)? I had never thought about it. Might build a couple of extras as I build mine (might average minimum wage at my rate of production but probably not the living wage!).
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    44" Leg Pods

    I will be away for a couple of weeks on my Hol's. Thought I might leave a teaser / sneak peak of the next parts I will start. Whilst continuing to finish my Passenger Pod and if I am honest; putting off producing the brass items for the Passenger Pods. Stick to what you know! So, I made a...
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    44" Passenger Pod Feet Sets

    What you see is what you get. A full set. 4x 44" Aluminium Feet / linkage / Collars etc for Passenger Pod £170 plus postage. To support the forum, I will pay 10% to the site. AMC members can have the discount. It will work out better priced to upgrade to AMC before purchase! I might trade -...
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    44" Pasenger Pod "kit"

    What you see is what you get (one set of door parts not all in photo). Passenger Pod "kit" - this needs an element of scratch building, additional material will be required, there are no instructions - see thread This is not exact...
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    Sale or Swap 44" Passenger Pod Feet

    What you see is what you get. 4x 44" Aluminium Feet for Passenger Pod £25 plus postage. To support the forum, I will pay 10% to the site. AMC members can have the discount. I am willing to trade - what have you? (I will make the payment to the site still). Many thanks Julian
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    44 PP Feet

    Surplus to requirements. See pic. Not sure what they are to offers plus post or swap?? I need kit parts...fair?? 3/4x3/4x1/8" aluminium machined as shown. Thanks Julian
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    44" passenger pod - Newbe!

    I have finally started after lurking around for an age. Hope that posting here will generate the motivation for me to keep progress going. Hope someone is interested enough to keep pushing! Anyway, the router has been running today and have made most panels. A contact has started machining pod...