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  1. akoenig

    The EAGLE of your dreams...

    There is a question for you fellow Alphans... If MONEY and SPACE were no objection... which Eagle model would you like to own? It looks like a silly question, but believe me, it's not. Your answer will be useful to trace a pattern (probably not a commercial one, but who knows who's listening...
  2. akoenig

    Thunderbird 2, forum Vs real life?

    I'm discovering now the THUNDERBIRDS series (long story), and of course, I want badly now a Thunderbird 2 model! I remember very vaguely the series from my childhood (I'm 44 now), but remember very well a vinyl T2 I had as a kid (There were very little TBs toys here in Spain), although I can't...
  3. akoenig

    DINKY FAB 1 "Spirit of Joy" HELP

    Hello there! I'm restoring a DINKY FAB 1 RR, and no surprises here, the thing lack the "winged Lady" figure on the radiator. Could some kind fellow forum member post a few close up pictures of the darn thing? I pretend to re-sculpt the figure. Thanks very much in advance!
  4. akoenig

    MSV interior???

    Hello! Wonder if there is around blueprints or schematics of the interior layout of the Captain Scarlet MSV vehicle? Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. akoenig

    DINKY FAB 1 help

    Hello! I'm trying to restore a DINKY FAB 1 in very poor condition (I love that kind of job) and wonder if you guys kow of a website where I could find good reference material. The same applies to the CORGI Batmobile. I'm looking too for a good source of replacement parts. Any help pleeease...
  6. akoenig

    2001 camera prop. Something out there?

    A very interesting prop from 2001 is the camera that the Clavius team and Floyd were using in TMA 1 (who could imagine then that in 2001 a digital camera would had been used). Do you know if there are more detailed pics out there of the prop? I couldn't find anything... Thanks in advance!
  7. akoenig

    ANOTHER!!! Eagle viewports theory

    A new theory about Eagle viewports (maybe not...) I've got a 22" AB Eagle kit, and decided to build a complete cockpit for it. So, I hollowed the CM and then lost the rear part of it... but this another history (PLEASE HELP ME!!! )...
  8. akoenig

    STRANGE REQUEST: 22" AB Eagle part

    Hello... I have a non-usual request for 22" AB Eagle kit owners (in non-assembled condition). I have one of these, bought from Comet when it was released many many moons ago. After much assembly planning, I've decided the only kit parts I'm going to use are the command module, the aluminium...
  9. akoenig

    Laser Rifle Info

    Hello! Anyone knows about good visual references of the Alpha laser rifles? The ones carried in the Eagles, under the stunguns rack? Thanks very much in advance!
  10. akoenig


    My close neighbour here in Spain, Julio Pillet, has updated and fixed at last his website about his scratchbuilt 1:72 Eagle model... with complete interior!!!! Don't miss it! (Spanish only, but you don't need it to watch the pics :D ) don't miss the TUTORIAL subpage. And of course, the plans...
  11. akoenig

    About the Eagle cockpit seats

    I realized that the Eagle cockpit seats were used in the series at least in two more locations: In the Infirmary and in the Ultra Probe command module pilot seat. As you can see, the infirmary one is beige, although I'm quite sure black ones were used too. If you pay attention to the Ultra...
  12. akoenig

    A pleasant surprise: The iStand

    Yesssss... To be honest, first time I saw the iStand didn't appeal very much to me. It looked very... visible. But I had one as a kind prize for the pod contest, and placed it in a shelf just in front my computer desk, just above my head level. And it's really cool! It's a pleasant view to...
  13. akoenig

    Contest prizes safe & sound X2!!

    I had today in the post office waiting for me three parcels with the rest of the contest prizes :shock: Thanks very much to JIM SMALL, TOM HAMLYN and the commander for the prizes. I liked the probeship nosecone kit so much, I'm going to build an interior for it ;) A real pleasure...
  14. akoenig


    I just found in the attic my Mattel Eagle (not from my childhood, thou). A quick face wash, some pics, and to the attic again...
  15. akoenig

    Contest prizes safe & sound

    Just received the first batch of the Pod-U-Like contest prizes, and they look gooooooooooood! :D Thanks very much!
  16. akoenig

    Cmdr Straker: Failure!

    As I've recently discovered, Commander Straker probably didn't very well as SHADO commander, as he finished his career as shuttle pilot between the Space Station V and Clavius base, in the moon :D Ed Bishop performed the role of the Aries 1B pilot in 2001, and there's a scene when he descends...
  17. akoenig

    More PMH pics, sorry...

    As promised, here there are a few more pics of my PMH entry. I found them absolutely necessary to full understand my entry, but, life is life and rules are rules... Here you can see how the Eagle travels withe the parts needed to assembly the three modules configuration. The basic module...
  18. akoenig

    EMERGENCY! Measures needed urgently!!

    I'm trying to assemble my contest entry, and I've have not a PE Eagle at hand at this moment. Could someone of you, kind and helpful people, give me the distance from the bottom (base) of the spine and bottom edge of the companionway door? Thanks in advance!
  19. akoenig

    SHADO spacesuits info needed

    Hello there! Do you know where I can find good visual references about the SHADO spacesuits? Thanks very much in advance!
  20. akoenig

    12" Eagle Pilots

    For those out there who like seeing pilots through the Eagle viewports (99% of us :D )... yes! they exist for the 12" Eagles. More or less, the 12" Eagles are estimated to be 1/100, or 1/96 (whatever), so you have perfect astronauts, seated, in that scale: The ones that come with the 1/100...