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  1. Odahs

    UFO Lunar Module - how many models?

    Been researching the Lunar Module for a future simulator project. Came across something I had not noticed before. The model used for the space walk sequence in Close UP - is different in many details to the one usually shown. Particularly the main thruster bell shows detail differences and is...
  2. Odahs

    Lunar module cutaway?

    Are there any cutaway drawings of the Lunar Module? I'm trying to reconcile the layout of the cockpit, it seems the control panels as shown in Conflict would have obscured any forward view?? PS I'm building a library of internal screen grabs if they are of use to anybody.
  3. Odahs

    Ever flown an Eagle or Interceptor? Any Orbiter fans out there?

    Wondering if anyone here has tried the Orbiter simulator? I have been looking for Gerry Anderson related stuff that has already been done for Orbiter. So far I have Orbiter 2006+P1 with Shado Moonbase, Interceptors and Moon Mobiles installed. And 2010+P1 with Moonbase Alpha, Eagles and...
  4. Odahs

    Dinky Mobile Editions

    Hi guys, been collecting up a few mobiles and clearly there were some differences during production. One arrived today with missing tracks. It's all green, chassis and body. The inside of the 'roof' that flips is also green. The interior seat is white and the wheels green. This is how I...
  5. Odahs

    What's 'wrong' with the Dinky Mobile?

    Hi guys, I could answer my title question myself with 'nothing at all, I've really fond memories of it from childhood' So appreciating that it is what it is and was made as a toy for pushing across the carpet, firing missiles at the cat, hitting with Dad's hammer etc how does it compare to the...
  6. Odahs

    Which planes might have flown?

    Hi all, newbie to the forum, I was just wondering what peoples thought's are on which of the UFO (or other series) aircraft would have been practical and could have flown? Also interested in any videos/pictures/news of flying models based on the series vehicles that have been built and flown...
  7. Odahs


    Hello to everyone 'cos I'm lurking about gleaning vital information from the forums :thumbup: I'm a bit of a UFO nut case, have been since practically birth or at least from about 6 years old onward. Just recently re-watched all the UFO DVD's and it's awakened my modelling itch. I guess first...