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  1. starlord

    Leif Ericson

    During the last few years this model has been one that I always wished to build but of the 3 I have done, 1 got missed up while I was in a hospital and the 2nd one got even more messed up and I lost some of it's parts. That one was a glow in the dark model. I have worked on a 3rd one but I lost...
  2. starlord

    Star Trek on KEVE

    I found the 1 or 2 times a week channel 20 (KEVE)shows it mostly one time but does show it a 2nd time every once in a while.:thumbup:
  3. starlord

    Voltron Force

    as most of the channels I watch don't have anything on until 6pm PDT, I was checking other channels I get via Direct TV and on Nicktoons I found Voltron Force.
  4. starlord

    Spaceshuttles retired

    I don't know if a lot of the users have hear, the shuttles that are still in good shape are being put on, 1 in NYC, one here in L.Al, today the landed one outside DC.
  5. starlord

    Star Trek Next Gen

    I will be getting disks that have STNG starting later this week from Netflix.
  6. starlord

    Monsters In Motion " Doctor Who" figures

    Every week I get via Email a copy of the ideas at Monsters In Motion hobby shop. the one that came today has 2 figures that they have, one is a figure of the good doctor himself. the other one is of Amy Pond. when I saw them I figued someone here would like to know that even in the US things...
  7. starlord

    Star Trek on NETFLIX

    I have gone for a very long times and almost have never seen any of the Star Trek shows. But now via Netflix I now get their vido disks that have Star Trek on them. so after this long a time I am catching up with the show. :thumbup:
  8. starlord

    Star Fury from Babylon 5

    I was able to buy a model of a Babylon 5 Star Fury from a modeler back east and it's here now. When I build my B5 model, it will sit right next to it.
  9. starlord

    BBCA and STNG

    I have been watching BBCA most of this afternoon and right now at 4pm PST STNG has just came on. in fact there is a 2nd one listed for the next hour. this 1st one is one that I'm alway happy to see. in this one the comes a cross a race the uses meaphoes to talk.
  10. starlord

    BBCA and Battlestar Galactica

    I was doning a search on the web for info about the BBC of America show of Battlestar Galactica. I found out that BBCA had paid for all of the show, and this was in a old news release from NBC. it states that some 80 weeks of the show was in the deal.
  11. starlord

    It's quit here

    I was checking out the list of forim here and I sar this one listed so I figured I take a look and I find that no one at all had posted here.
  12. starlord

    Doctor Who: The Visitation

    I am a Netflix user and get any shows I want to see on disks from them. I have checked what I'll be getting in the week or so this is the one I had marked but I do not know the story like is. can anyone post what it is?
  13. starlord

    Netflix and BSG

    I am a NETFLIX user and last week I got the first of 6 disk that have the old BSG program on them so far I've watched 3 of them and there is 3 more to go. I don't know what the last disk will have on it, I don't think they have the all the shows on it, but the are good to watch.
  14. starlord

    cartoon movie

    Tonight I was scaning the cartoon netowrk and I stopped on a cartoon movie that was playing at the time, I had come in at a point when there was a fight? going on, and I had stopped because at that time one thing that showed up was something that I've seen is a many Doc. Who shows. Now can...
  15. starlord

    1999 Eagle model

    I have made a deal with another mode builder that had a kit for the 1999 Eagle and I sent the money to him and he put it into the mail today and the post office said it should get yo my by the 17th of Nov. After I build it, I will work on my moonbase alpha model and see it I can have it sitting...
  16. starlord


    I just watched the OLD fime ot the above name. who else have ever seen that movie? I had heard of it now and then, but did not realy know anything about it. as I am a netflix member and I saw it listed, I got it today. so now I know what it is. it is the first movie that used a Robot in the...
  17. starlord


    today I got a mogram X-15 model. looking at all the parts, they all look good, and there are only a few that will need any painting. all the rest are good as it's all moded in black plastic. :thumbup:
  18. starlord

    Ultraman models

    yesterday I got from another modeler a set of 1/350 models of the Japanese show Ultraman, and the show itself dats back to the very early 1960's. :thumbup:
  19. starlord

    BBC "Dr.Who this weekend

    I live in Rosamond, CA and I watch the BBC channel on direct t.v. and I have watched Dr.Who there, but this Saturday they are showing at least 4 Dr.Who shows on that day and they are including the shows that deal with him dealing with events over here in the USA. :alien:
  20. starlord


    I have founf that my model or Rom. WARBIRD from STTNG shows, I have one that while I was in the hopsital in 2009 someone got intomy place and messed up some of my models. theis on I have two of the pain secting og it, all I have is about 3/4th of the model and I've not from it anyplace. so...