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    New stuff: moon base and moonsurface

    Hi, here some new work. Hope you like.
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    Lunar surface

    Hi, I like to make the lunar surface. Here is my new one with some small eagle form the AMT moonbase kit. I hope you like it. Best regards Markus
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    AMT Moonbase kit

    Here is my amt moonbase kit. It is made from two kits, I hope you like it. Best regards Markus
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    Some new picutres

    Hi, here are some new pictures. Hope you enjoy them. Best regards;) Markus
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    Real space

    Hi, here are two new real space dioramas. They are very small: Each is 15 x 20 cm. It shows a command and service modul from the apollo programm. The ship has crashed on the moon surface. I hope you like it. Best regards Markus
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    Moonbase kit: travel tubes and launch pads

    Hi, I want to built the Amt moonbase kit. I need help for building the travel tube. Which material for them is the best? Are they cylindrical or rectangular? And has got anybody two launch pads for me? Thanks and best regards Markus
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    Red landscape

    Hi, I am new in the forum and I want to show some off my stuff. Best regards Markus