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  1. Warin

    HD Moon

    Hey there. I looked around but didnt see this anywhere, so I will post it here. Japanese probe gets HD images of the moon. And A link to video I wonder if this will be released on an actual HD DVD/Blu-Ray.
  2. Warin

    Canada Day 1999 Marathon

    I am watching my favourite episodes of Season 1 to celebrate the birth of my country! (Any reason, right?) Here is my 6 episode viewing list: Dragons Domain (playing now) War Games Black Sun Another Time, Another Place The Testament of Arkadia Breakaway I should be done around 2am :) Anyone...
  3. Warin

    High Res Art

    Hello, Does anyone have access to a decent high resolution Eagle rendering? Something on the order of 6000 pixels wide? I really want an "Eagle" poster, and I have access to printing facilities that will let me do a 1 off job. Being an Epson 9800, and with the quantities of black needed, it...
  4. Warin

    First Resin Kit

    I really want to build a 23" Eagle. But I've never done a reson kit before. So, I was really happy when this showed up in the mail today: and unpacked: I am happier than an example of Sus scrofa domestica immersed in copious amounts of excrement. :) After reading the general tips from...
  5. Warin

    RU 23" Eagle

    Hello all, I've been looking at the PE 23", which seems to be a redress/buildup of the RU 23". Given that there will need to be a number of modifications to the PE to make it as accurate as possible, I have decided that I might as well start from the ground up with the RU kit. I've read Jim...
  6. Warin

    Launch pad

    I am looking for detailed blueprints of the eagle launch pads. I have the Technical Notebook drawings, but I am looking for something a little more accurate scalewise. I am thinking of scratchbuilding a launchpad to accomodate my PE eagles, and I want to do as good a job as possible in terms...