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  1. Liberator

    For all Mankind - Apple TV

    This was really hard to find the right place to post. Anyone watching this show? An alternate future where the Russians landed on the moon first and the Apollo missions kept on going, now up to number 75. They've now built a moonbase - Jamestown. In Season 2 episode 8. there was a great scene...
  2. Liberator

    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    Waiting as well, the photos I've seen did not impress me too much. But at that price point it may not be too bad. My 1612 Wargames set arrived last week and I was very impressed in the level of detail on the Hawk.
  3. Liberator

    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    so has anyone parted with their hard earned $ to buy one of these Eagles?
  4. Liberator

    The search for Eagle Transporter bits

    which specific eagle kit - many iterations out there? Or just any will do?
  5. Liberator

    Round 2 Announces 1/48 Hawk

    Title says it all. based on their earlier smaller kit but some mods, notably to the beak
  6. Liberator

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    'keep getting not secure web site" on MS Edge -
  7. Liberator

    Lost In Space (Netflix)

    tried to find a post on this for Netflix - couldn't, so sorry if I double up. I was watching this show and one of the later episodes had Will building a model kit of their chariot - see they still build kits in the future. He was using the chariot bits to actually build a model of the robot...
  8. Liberator

    "Real" Tron Light Cycle

    Looks awesome - looks bloody hard to ride:
  9. Liberator

    Tardis by Airfix - Welcome Aboard

    My recent build of the Dr's Tardis A very cool kit bought and built this for my daughter who is a Dr Who tragic! Im working on the figurs but man I suck at doing the faces, got the bodies together well started on the faces but have redone these 2-3 times now and still cant get the look right!
  10. Liberator

    Melbourne Model Expo 2010

    Some pictures of the recent model expo:
  11. Liberator

    Asteroid Samples returned to Earth

    Very cool video and interesting story. Wish this was visible in Victoria but alas no, it wasnt. a bit too far away for me to enjoy live. Wonder if Bishop got to see this?
  12. Liberator

    Moon vs District 9

    I've managed to see both of these movies just recently. District 9 was only on for a week in our "local" cinema - 30 mins away. Moon was in very limited release down in Melbourne - 2 hours away. What did I think? Loved both of them, both from totally different ends of the spectrum. Would I get...
  13. Liberator

    District 9

    I've not heard of this one up until last night on our local movie review show. They loved it and gave it a huge glowing review. Wondering why I had never even heard of it until last night. Usually there is some hype or somehting out out about a movie welll b4 its released. Has anyone heard...
  14. Liberator


    Had this DVD in my collection for the past few months and got to sit down and watch it last night - I love the non ratings season! The movie still stands up well and I say the effects surpass anything Lucas has done in the recent Star Wars 1-3 - still shudder at those. The second disk with...
  15. Liberator

    Star Wars Exhibition - Powerhouse Museum

    For those down under who dont know - its on soon and its on here; Thats Sydney - too damn far for me to go - the exhibition visited once before and I didn't get to see it then and I won't get to see it again in Sydney at least. For those living...
  16. Liberator

    Melbourne Model Expo 2008

    For any downunders - Great place to check out some quality models from all genre's. Last weekend of June. Web site:
  17. Liberator

    Wet Sunday Project

    Finally a cold wet wintery day - time to head down to the shed, fire up the heater and knock up a ship out of bits. My Daughter had an old glitter lamp - it broke. Picked it up and thought humm, could make something with this. Wife got some Ferrero Rocher chocolates - cool container - thought I...
  18. Liberator

    Fighter Pilots -

    I've always had an appreciation of what a fighter pilot has to go through however when a reporter gets the chance to find out for himself - lucky bugger - its worth watching; I'd need a barf bag, especially when he does the spinning -...
  19. Liberator

    PE Starbug

    Ok cashed up a little right now bit of b'day money and works xmas lotto account paying off. I have been eyeing off the PE Starbug - I know its a "toy" but am wondering is it worth purchasing? Anyone have one? There is a seller on ebay who has them for a good price. Honest opinions wanted! Thanks
  20. Liberator

    Check out this AT-AT

    Scratchbuild mechanised AT-AT pretty amazing. SAW this on SSM - for those who don't visit that site: