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  1. Northerner

    Leonard Nimoy - RIP

    Actor and director Leonard Nimoy, famous for portraying Spock in the "Star Trek" TV series and films, has died, the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times report, citing his family. He was 83.
  2. Northerner

    Star Trek Bridge - 4 sale

    i cant believe no area to talk about star trek stuff? here is a guy in Utah that has a command bridge he built designed after some inspiration from Star Trek and its pretty damn cool and not a cheap cardboard set since he has about a million bucks in it. it happens to be online for sale but it...
  3. Northerner

    X-Wing Soap Box Derby Car

    now this is really cool!
  4. Northerner

    Legoland Star Wars Models

    A sneak peek at Legoland's 'Star Wars' models check out the cnet news story on the life size Chewbacca and R2D2 and some other Star Wars Models
  5. Northerner

    Millennium Falcon Guitar

    this is pretty cool what somebody made
  6. Northerner

    Piper Abandons Acting To Focus On Motherhood

    British singer-turned-actress Billie Piper is turning producer in a bid to spend more time with her newborn son. The 26-year-old gave birth to Winston in November, her first child with actor husband Laurence Fox, and has juggled being a first-time mum with her hectic acting schedule. Piper...
  7. Northerner

    "Lost in Space" Actor Has Died

    not sure if this has been posted anywhere else yet or exactly which area to put it? Bob May -- who played The Robot in "Lost in Space" -- died early this morning at the Lancaster Community Hospital in California. A rep for Bob said he was taken to the hospital on Friday, and died at around 3...
  8. Northerner

    'The Universe' on History Channel

    did anyone watch 'The Universe' tonight on the History channel?? it was about Deep Space Disasters, anyway, it was showing one shot of a spaceship from the underside and that when i about crapped my pants! the ship was a Hawk, and it was pretty wild seeing it on a show on the prestigous...
  9. Northerner

    Doctor Who casting Spoiler

    ACTING legend Patrick Stewart is to make a giant leap across space — from Star Trek to Doctor Who. He has agreed to a major role in the Time Lord’s next series after teaming up with the Doctor (David Tennant) on stage. The pair starred in a production of Hamlet in the summer. Patrick — Captain...
  10. Northerner

    Princess Leia Slave Costume

    Princess Leia Slave Costume here is the perfect gift for the woman in your life! :thumbup: Star Wars Shop
  11. Northerner

    Why a new Doctor so often???

    Carlyle To Replace Dr. Who Tennant? 30 June 2008 Trainspotting star Robert Carlyle is in talks to take over from David Tennant as TV time traveller Dr. Who. Tennant is rumoured to be leaving the cult BBC TV show at the end of the current series in 2009 and speculation about his replacement is...
  12. Northerner

    Kenny Baker rushed to an English hospital

    C-3PO's BFF Riding the Death Star? Posted Apr 10th 2008 3:04PM by TMZ Staff The 3'8" actor who played R2-D2 in the Star Wars flicks (yes, there was someone inside that thing!) is in the hospital with a mystery ailment. Blame Jar Jar! Kenny Baker was rushed to an English hospital last night...
  13. Northerner

    Eagle in Fine Scale Modeler

    nice pic in the Show Gallery of the Jan 08 issue of Fine Scale Modeler Dave Olszweski sent in a pic of his eagle with updated decals the picture can be found on page 52 nice to see an eagle amidst all the tanks, planes, and ships!
  14. Northerner

    Battlestar Galactica Razor

    i just got done watching the new Battlestar Galactica Razor and it was pretty cool, filled in a lot of holes from the past season or two. plus it was really cool seeing the old 'toasters' again and i love those techno voices they have! cant wait for the new season to start again.
  15. Northerner

    Are Plans for 'Serenity 2' in the Works?

    check out the story here
  16. Northerner

    Rocket Powered 21ft X Wing model actually flies

    Rocket Powered 21ft X Wing model actually flies
  17. Northerner

    Canadian actress Lois Maxwell has died (Miss Moneypenny)

    Canadian actress Lois Maxwell has died. She was 80. The Golden Globe-winning star - famed for her role as Miss Moneypenny in the James Bond movies - died at the Fremantle Hospital in Western Australia, on Saturday evening. Maxwell starred alongside Sir Sean Connery in Bond's first Dr. No, in...
  18. Northerner

    TimeShift - one kick ass movie!!

    i love time travel type movies and this one is gonna kick ass! ++ click here for trailer ++