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  1. Jade Falcon

    UNCL Type 3 Laser Tank kit

    Does anyone know what the RRP of these things were when they came out? This is the one with the large dome and flat back. I was at the IPMS Perth Model show last week and picked one up in the kit swap, the princely sum of £15. I'm sure that was pretty cheap and I would estimate it at anything...
  2. Jade Falcon

    Looking for unusual Sci Fi kits.

    Stuff like Buck Rogers fighter and Draconian ship. Bandai MSG Field Briefing Set Black Hole kits Basically interested in anything a bit unusual, IE non Star Trek/Star Wars.
  3. Jade Falcon

    What if colour schemes

    A friend of mine brought this guys stuff to my notice. Note, that I am NOT claiming this work as mine, but the Fantasy what if sections are interesting, especially those Sci-Fi ones. Seeing an Eagle in Colombian Air Force colours is certainly different. I...
  4. Jade Falcon

    World Air Force Viper fighter

    I've seen the blurb for the Angel Interceptor and noticed it says it is based on the World Air Force 'Viper' fighter. Has there been any images of this one, as a friend of mine has bought Airfix's Angel Interceptor and would like to do the craft it is based off.
  5. Jade Falcon

    Pegasus Models

    Hi, does anyone know if Pegasus models has a website? I've noticed the Pocketbond distributors catalogue has a few I'm interested in. Is the Mars Hopper available? If so, roughly what price, ditto with the Nautilus, Apollo 28 and Mercury 9 rocket. I did a quick search and found a model shop...
  6. Jade Falcon

    Revell Easykits

    I know the Easykits are snap together and prepainted, but while I'd like the Republic Gunship, I also fancy the ARC-170 fighter. Question, is it possible, even feasible to weather and mod these things a bit so the paint job doesn't seem so 'perfect'?
  7. Jade Falcon

    Two kits I have finished

    I've talked before about starting kits, so its probably best to show ones that I have done. These two have had a bit of damage, the KPV machine gun on the T-72 got broken, perhaps I can get an aftermarket replacement. First off, a BTR-70. This is the Afghan era variant. This was my first...
  8. Jade Falcon

    Angel Interceptor kits?

    I'm looking for an Angel Interceptor. Now I know Airfix's one is regarded as decent despite the dodgy coloured decals and the age of the moulds. I also know one of the Japanese companies (Imai, Aoshima?) released a twin pack with two Interceptors. The box was primarily blue with photographs...
  9. Jade Falcon

    A dilemma....what to do regarding Airfix Dalek

    I've got the Daleks in Manhatten kit from Airfix part built. The normal dalek is practically done and just needs painting. I was going to go along with the paint scheme shown in the model, but after watching the latest episode "Victory of the Daleks", I'm kinda tempted for a laugh to do the...
  10. Jade Falcon

    Worst model you've ever built

    Simple enough explanation. I'm sure as modellers we've all got various skills, but we've probably all came across models that make us swear profusely because they're just so lousy. For me recently, it's been Trumpeters 1/35th scale JS-3 Heavy tank. Tamiya do this beast, but want an arm, a leg...
  11. Jade Falcon

    Republic Gunship wanted

    Does anyone do a decent sized kit of the Republic Gunship from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, and if so is anyone selling one?
  12. Jade Falcon

    What are you building right now ?

    Easy enough, what are you building right now. Myself, I'm doing a 1/48th scale MiG-21 "Fishbed" J. I've seen a colour scheme that I like, its multi shades of grey and light blue splinter camouflage of the Czechoslovakian air force. However, the Czech markings are 'muted', in the same way...
  13. Jade Falcon

    A beautiful fan made film

    I remember seeing this on the net some time ago. To me the attackers have got a bit of a look of the Narn from Babylon 5 mixed in with some Galactic Empire from Star Wars, while the defenders, especially the fighter have a mix of Naboo and Angel Interceptor about them. Really well done in my...
  14. Jade Falcon

    Top 75 spaceships in movies and TV

    From this thread Personally I think there's some odd choices. The Solar schooner from Episode II of Star Wars, the Warp Sled from Star Trek:TMP, the Klingon Tanker and Andorian cruiser from Enterprise. Nice to see...
  15. Jade Falcon


    What was everyones opinion on this film. I'll admit to disliking Tom Cruise due to his mad antics with Scientology, but I think he did a damned good job. The hardware was pretty accurate. Myself, although I knew about the July 20th plot, I didn't realise just how far along the events in...
  16. Jade Falcon


    You know, I really dislike Tom Cruise, mostly I don't think his acting is up to much, but his whole thing with Scientology and some of his crazy antics have made me dislike him. Hence when it was announced that he was playing the part of Claus von Stauffenberg I was sceptical, and I heard there...
  17. Jade Falcon

    V-The Remake

    The first time I heard this I was a bit dubious, but this is actually looking pretty good. I'm willing to give this a chance, and I think it could...
  18. Jade Falcon

    Ro-Busters Thunderbirds homage

    Did anyone else here ever read Ro-Busters, the robot disaster rescue team that was in the early days of Starlord and 2000AD featuring Hammer-Stein the ex-War Droid and Ro-Jaws, the old sewage droid? I recently bought the collected graphic novel, and there was one strip that had a Thunderbirds...
  19. Jade Falcon

    1/48th Scale Airfix TSR-2

    Well I got my pre-ordered TSR-2 in today. All I can say is 'Wow', this is a big aircraft in this scale and it makes me glad I didn't relent and pay the 'collectors' prices on Ebay for the previously limited release 1/72nd scale. This is a bit of a beef of mine with Airfix, especially in their...
  20. Jade Falcon

    Season 2 and Network DVD

    Does anyone know if Network DVD are going to release Season 2 on DVD? I know it's not nearly as good as the first season but there are still some worthwhile episodes. It's been quite a while since Season 1. Then again Network have their own leisurely pace.