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  1. cerealkiller

    Sixteen/12 Studio Scale 44" Masterpiece Collection Signature Edition

    Hello all, Huge surprise when I did my bi-annual Sixteen 12 website curiosity visit. I know we have been led down this road before...but I am trying to remain optimistic. Looks promising, considering ordering just 1...but which? From their website...
  2. cerealkiller

    Fab Gear 44" Pre Order $2499.95
  3. cerealkiller

    Iconic Replicas.....The Truth Please!

    Ok... I signed up to the Collectors Club in early August. It does not take a month to fix or update the site. People that know what they are doing can do it "live" without taking the site down.... What the hell is going on with them? Can a Representative please speak up with the truth? Why...
  4. cerealkiller

    IR-Sixteen 12 44" Wish List

    All, I thought it would be interesting to have a thread for "wish list" items. My wish item: 1. Lighting system (originally proposed for the 23" but scrapped) While I think it would be great to have the lighting system, I fear down the road it may fail and be very difficult to...
  5. cerealkiller

    Iconic Replicas Collectors Club

    A few facts: I am in the USA I would like to own a 44" replica My question is...can I join the collectors club if I am in the USA. ...but is it worth it to do so because of the exchange rate? please help :wtf:
  6. cerealkiller

    IR 23" Standard Transporter

    Hello to all who did dot see my intro in the CO's office :) I do very much want to purchase a new 23" Standard Transporter (from the 1300 run) I would like to get everyones opinion on a fair price to pay as it seems to range greatly from to EBAy and from even individual...
  7. cerealkiller

    New Member in New England

    Hello fellow Eagle Nuts! Just wanted to say hello to all and thank the people of this forum for keeping the dream of a moonbase alive and kicking :clap: