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  1. David

    New Home made model effects - collapsing building

    Hey every one, I thought the model effects enthusiasts among us might be interested in this. I recently completed a very personally challenging model effects shot for a short live action film called "the pitts" It was to show a model building collapsing followed by and oil fountain bursting...
  2. David

    My try at Aoshima Fireflash kit

    Hey everyone, I don't have photos yet because I'm not quite finished, but I'm not far away. I'm posting this just now because I wanted to have a rant about the decals! I was holding the white trim decal for the nose cone area in water, and it all cracked up into six pieces! I managed to place...
  3. David

    Guess the Barry Gray music...

    Okay, this might be kinda silly, but I'm curious to see if anyone gets it. Guess what passage of Barry Gray score this is describing... Dum'd Dum!.....Dum'd Dum!.....Dum'd'd Dum! d'Dum'd'd Dum! (repeat) Hint: It's from an early thunderbirds episode.
  4. David

    Oil in Miniature - "Terror in New York City"

    Hey all, Any ideas how the oil in this shot was done? Watered down paint? What do you think they used to spray it? Cheers, Dave
  5. David

    "Path of Destruction" Model Special Effects

    Hey everyone! I love this shot from the Thunderbirds episode "Path of destruction." It shows the crablogger crashing through a wall and the collapse of the wall is entirely convincing. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how this wall was constucted to collapse so convincingly? I...
  6. David

    Question about Special effects backdrop/matte painting

    Hi all, Just moved to Edinburgh three weeks ago and i've only just got internet up and running! I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge they could share about painting techniques in SFX because this year I would like to get in a lot of practice at doing it. For large backgrounds to...
  7. David

    "2055: VOYAGE TO MARS" - DVD

    Hi everyone, Its just an idea at the moment, but would anyone be interested in buying a DVD of my film, "2055: Voyage to Mars"? (provided it was reasonably priced). The DVD would have a colour printed cover and DVD sticker. 'Special Features' would consist of a "behind the scenes" slideshow...
  8. David

    Unseen Behind-the-scenes Superman Photos

    Hey all... Check this out... Some cool pics in there. Some of them take ages to load by the way
  9. David

    Now on Youtube - "2055: Voyage to Mars" - Home made model effects

    Hey everyone! At long last my college film that I've been telling you about is on you tube. You might want to click "Watch in high quality" at the bottom right of the video. You also might have to turn your brightness up if you want to actually see some of the stars! I hope you enjoy it...
  10. David

    What do you guys do with all your models?

    Hey everyone, I've only really built a few models in my time, but I've already run out of space to display them or even store them safely. I'm going to build fireflash now, but it really doesn't have anywhere to go. Some of you seem to have built tons of models, compared to me, over the...
  11. David

    Goldeneye Effects shot puzzle...

    Can anyone workout what they're doing in this behind-the-scenes shot? The chap in the foreground is turning that thing that looks like a barrel.
  12. David

    "2055: VOYAGE TO MARS" Coming to Youtube on Monday 7th July

    TO MARS IN MINIATURE... “2055: Voyage to Mars” takes us on a journey of discovery, as Nasa launch their first manned mission to Mars. Inspired by the late master of model special effects, Derek Meddings, David Ross brings the special effects principles which saw their hey-day in the...
  13. David

    Home made model effects (thread 3)

    Hey everyone, Well, my deadline for the film is just round the corner, at two weeks away. I'm half way through the Mars shots, and once I've done them, thats everything in the can. Its all about the editing from then on. So you should see my film on the internet in the near future. For...
  14. David

    Thunderbirds Terrain

    Hi, Will be shooting my Mars surface shots for my film next week. Time's getting a bit tight now and I'm just trying to get as much research done as I can. I was wondering if you guys could help me... Does anyone know how the rocky terrain in these shot might've been created? The rocky...
  15. David

    Need a name for the home made model effects film

    Hi folks, Okay, I'm having a fair bit of trouble deciding what to call my film. Since you guys know where I'm coming from, I thought I'd ask "does anyone have any ideas?" The film isn't really a normal kind of film - it doesn't have any characters, or acting, or a proper plot etc. It's...
  16. David

    home made model effects (thread 2)

    Hi, I filmed my rocket launch yesterday and I thought I'd post some pics of it in a nice new thread... Final film stills... Behind the scenes...
  17. David

    Home made model effects

    Hi, About a week ago I made a post in another sub-forum of asking if anyone knew how I could make a model apollo parachute. I was asking because I needed one for a shot I was taking for my home made model effects film. Yesterday I filmed this shot and I thought you might...
  18. David

    Help! Model Parachute fx

    Hi everyone, I need your help. To get straight to the point, I need to find something I can use as a miniature parachute for the apollo re-entry capsule. You see, for my college project, I'm making a film entirely with model special effects. The film is about nasa's first manned mission to...
  19. David

    "Project Sun Probe is on!" - Scratch build project

    Hi Folks, I'm going to be scratchbuild the rocket "sun probe" form the Thunderbirds episode of the same name, and I was wondering if you guys could help me with a few things. I don't know what it is about the design of the rocket "sun probe" that I love so much, but ever since I saw it on TV...