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  1. captainjamie

    Patrick McGoohan Dies

    The BBC reports that Patrick McGoohan has died.
  2. captainjamie

    Secret Army & Kessler

    Been watching the showings of the last series of Secret Army and the follow up Kessler. I love Secret Army, as a family we watched it when it first came on tv and I was too young to really understand it. Pity that the final episode seems never to have been broadcast. The follow up, Kessler...
  3. captainjamie

    Terry Nation Convention Moved To Birmingham

    The Tribute To Terry Nation convention planned for next month in Ipswich has been relocated to the Hilton Metropole Hotel next to Birmingham's NEC. Seems that tickets for the Ipswich venue weren't selling that well. Gerald Harper and Paul Darrow are confirmed as guests along with Bernard...
  4. captainjamie

    Good Luck With The Migration

    From one resting, chilled IT pro. Hope it all goes smoothly.
  5. captainjamie

    12" Eagles - What's Left To Get?

    OK folks, Jamie's collection is looking quite good at the moment. Already I need another trip to Ikea, and not just for the hot dogs! :) Whilst my brain is coherent I'd like to get a definitive list from folk here about what else is left to get to fit the 12" PE Eagles and where to get it...
  6. captainjamie

    Memorabilia 99

    While clearing out the useless stuff from my hard drives (the Poison mp3s being one example) I came across a folder of photos called "Memorabilia 99". Because it was pre-hospital stay my memories of it aren't what they might be (long story) but there's Eagles and puppets in there so feel free...
  7. captainjamie Network DVD Sale

    Just a quickie - have a sale on some of their Network DVD stock, including The Goodies, Pipkins and The New Statesman. is where their Network listing starts. The Goodies and The New Statesman were must buys :D
  8. captainjamie

    Starting out in modelling

    No, I'm not showing nudie pics of me on the net, I'm looking to start building and painting some models. Given that I can just about hold a pen this should be interesting. So, any hints, tips, pointers to sites I can learn from? If there's a place to learn and get the right advice from then...
  9. captainjamie

    Sapphire & Steel Audio Stories

    Has anyone heard any of the Big Finish S&S audio stories? I've got All Fall Down which I love mainly because David Collings returns to the role of Silver (he's good with gadgets and flirty, a bit like me :D) and it's as if he's never been away. Have heard one with Mark Gatiss in it which I'm...
  10. captainjamie

    Mr Flibble

    Don't forget you can still get Mr Flibble puppets so you can dress up in a red gingham dress with pig tales and say the classic line "We can't possibly do that! Who'd clean up the mess?"
  11. captainjamie

    Food And Facilities On Alpha

    Sharing good food with good company yesterday evening got me wondering about the food and facilities on Alpha. What would the Alphans eat to ensure their survival and decent physical condition? I guess some form of rationing would be in place (maybe why we hardly ever saw people eating) to...
  12. captainjamie

    Forbidden Planet International & more

    Popped out to get some milk, came home with a Rescue Eagle. As you do :) My local Forbidden Planet International had a 12" Rescue Eagle going for £24.99. If you've got an FPI locally, might be worth checking it out. Now I've got 4 in my fleet. Have PE stopped making all models of the 12"...
  13. captainjamie

    Goonbase Alpha

    Inspired by Fun Pod, here are a few intended funnies. There could be a few running gags here. Hope I've got the image size right for the forum. Enjoy!