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  1. swhite40

    Galactica Filming Models for Sale

    Gary Cannovo has decided to sell his collection of Galactica and Buck Rogers filming minatures. Models are the Galactica, Basestar, Raider, Viper Galactica Shuttle, Colonial Mover, Mineral (film can) Ship, Flat Top, Rising Star, and a couple of other things including a full Cylon Costume. Buck...
  2. swhite40

    Round 2 44inch Eagle a possability

    Usual discussion of a 23" Replicas Unlimited kit on Ebay with the usual reply "We need this in plastic" type response and discussion till Jamie Hood from Round 2 post this: "I'll tell you what, if you can get 5000 people to comment on this post (not total posts or shares or anything like that)...
  3. swhite40

    Profiles in History Dec.2012 Auction

    While going over the catalog I found these on page 125 The stun gun is valued at $20-$30,000 the womens costume $2-$3,00
  4. swhite40

    Revell reissues some Anderson used kits The 1/48 Apollo kit (3 part command, service module,3rd stage Lunar Module garage with Lunar module) was used on a couple of UFO models Revell AG (German) has the Vostok kit in their new catalog. It is the old Revell US kit and was...