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  1. JJL567

    WANTED - ENA Models 27" Interceptor kit.

    All, I'm after an unmade and complete ENA models 27" Interceptor kit. Must be good condition - especially the decal sheet. Please PM me if you want to turn your loft insulation back into money. Thanks, Jon ;)
  2. JJL567

    EIMB 'Large Scale Hawk' update.

    Hi all, It's been a while since I wrote, but soon it may be time to dust off my work area as I've just taken delivery of the main body of my EIMB Large Hawk! The main body, beautifully rotocast by George Takacs, came well packed straight from the US. It's size is impressive, let alone the...
  3. JJL567

    44" AB Eagle Grab Arm.

    Hi all, Since AB Eagle 1 is now at a stage where I'm happy to display it, it's time to build the final component, which I feel should go with this model... The Grab Arm! After consultation with David Sisson, I feel I'm ready to undertake this new project. I'm awaiting delivery of materials...
  4. JJL567

    44" Eagle Transporter (AB Models)

    Finished at last! Pictures from the photo shoot will follow soon... Jon ;)
  5. JJL567

    Shed 4.5" UFO Model.

    I retrieved this from the loft recently. I've put it on eBay, as it's a shame to loft it again. Jon ;)
  6. JJL567

    While the cat's away

    I suggested to my mum, that we dispose of an old delapidated caravan (that my parents once lived in!) and put something else nice there instead. :) Enter the demolition crew, well actually the neighbour who said he could use the wood. Best thing is he took the whole lot down and moved it for...
  7. JJL567

    Watched by the Dark side!

    I've got these staring at me in the bedroom. I'm not a massive Star Wars fan, but I've always loved the shapes of these helmets so I had to go buy! Andrew Ainsworth has signed all the Shepperton helmets. Inside the 'Hero' Stormtrooper he wrote:- "I can't see a thing in this helmet!" (Which...
  8. JJL567

    Deep Space 9 Station shots - AMT/Ertl

    Here is an old model I built that I found in the loft when I fetched the Interceptor to advertise on eBay. Fibre optic job I remember. I dusted it off, got out my camera, blue blanket, and put it on the sofa. Lights, camera, action! :pics: Whole shoot took 10 minutes...
  9. JJL567

    44" AB update

    Hi all, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. The forum hasn't seen much of me lately, although I do have a quick scan of the headlines every time I go for a quick surf. I have been extremely busy with the AB! Those of you who saw it in October, probably remember it as mostly a...
  10. JJL567

    Learn by your mistakes!

    An age old piece of advice, yet we all know how bad things can feel when the reality sets in, and you see that the coat of paint you have just applied to your model component goes wrong - in some way. :cry: I was spraying my 44" pod feet all four at once, on the floor of my spray room near...
  11. JJL567

    44" AB Eagle owners

    I've been building my one for ages now. It's taken an age, but I'm getting there... slowly. :clap: How about some feedback from other AB 44" owners? I know the cleanup task is horrendous :*: but I am seeing results now and am planning for a finish this year. :)