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  1. Air Terrainean

    Ray Barratt

    Sad to report that veteran Anderson voice artist Ray Barratt has recently died at 82.
  2. Air Terrainean

    Bob Bell

    Sorry to have to report this, but I've been told that long serving Gerry Anderson associate Bob Bell has just died at the age of 91.
  3. Air Terrainean

    Gerry Nukes Waste

    In the wake of all the talk of remakes, Gerry Anderson gets in on the act by remaking Chorlton and the Wheelies. Not sure whether his ideas for recasting the Wheelies are that great though..
  4. Air Terrainean

    Peter Gordeno

    Just heard that Peter Gordeno has recently passed away. His role in UFO is prominently mentioned in this obit from the Independent.
  5. Air Terrainean

    Century 21 FX man Dave Mitton

  6. Air Terrainean

    Meanwhile in the Tracy Lounge...

  7. Air Terrainean

    Kelly swaps Eagle for Three-wheeler