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  1. MangaMax

    Are these the same X-Wings?

    Folks, hoping to call on your massive modelling knowledge here, please. Does anyone know if this X-Wing released in the Return Of The Jedi packaging is EXACTLY the same size as the original one, that was marketed as Luke's X-Wing? I need to know as, if it's not, the parts i need from it are...
  2. MangaMax

    Blakes 7 K47 Plague Ship

    So, third time lucky! Twice before, i've had a go at making this, the first type of Wanderer Class ship seen on the show, being inspired by the builds and kit detective work on show in these very pages. First time, i gave up after getting two of the Shuttle kits, after realising just how bulky...
  3. MangaMax

    The search for Eagle Transporter bits

    Hey folks. I'm after parts from the Eagle kit for a couple of studio scale recreations. Problem is, the kit has rocketed in price and i can't justify that amount for only a few pieces. So, lovely folk here, does anyone: (A) Know where a kit might be that's reasonably priced? (B) Has anyone got...
  4. MangaMax

    New Thunderbirds podcast

    Hey folks, if you need something to listen to while modelling away, the latest episode of our podcast devoted to film and TV special effects has returned to Thunderbirds, to look at the Sunprobe! Available from the parent site here, iTunes, and all good podcast providers: Effectively Speaking
  5. MangaMax

    Dr No special effects?

    A long shot, i know, but does anyone know who did the miniature work on "Doctor No"? My first thought was "oh, it was Derek Meddings" but, of course, he was still tied to Century 21 and the Anderson shows. I'm guessing it was the Pinewood in-house shop that did it. Anyone know if i'm right? If...
  6. MangaMax

    Dimension In Time Rani Space Station

    A terrible piece of TV, but i've always liked Mike Tucker's space station. I'd like to have a go, as it looks like a bunch of EMA parts - but can anyone help me out with the kit parts, especially the long rectangular shape in the middle?
  7. MangaMax

    Face Of Evil spaceship

    Hey folks. Don't suppose anyone has a nice clear photo of the Face Of Evil spaceship, do they? Quite fancy making one
  8. MangaMax

    Freedom City

    Discussed this week during our Docholli episode of the Blakes 7 In Character podcast, the model of Freedom City built by Mat Irvine, meant to be used as an establishing shot at the start of "Gambit", but never used. I'm guessing it would've been quite a quick shot, as the parts used are pretty...
  9. MangaMax

    What colour the Alien derelict?

    Indeed. I'm just about to repaint the Eaglemoss Derelict and i'm umming and ahhing as to what colour the base coat should be. I don't want to go the metallic route it appears in a lot of the shots, far preferring the tan/grey that is seen in Giger's concept art and, indeed it looks to be in some...
  10. MangaMax

    My Airfix and MPC Hawk's

    Just finished the new MPC Hawk, and here it is at bottom alongside my original Airfix one. Quite a difference, not only in detail, casting quality and accuracy, but proportions too
  11. MangaMax

    Ian Scoones Liberator scratchbuild

    The Liberator from Blakes 7 is my second favourite SF craft ever. A classic, beautiful design by Roger Murray Leach. Its not that well known that the shows special effects head, Ian Scoones, had a go at designing the ship before Roger's was approved. Radically different, and nowhere near as...
  12. MangaMax

    Aoshima 1/72nd Mole

    Got this wonderful kit for Christmas, but TOTALLY forgot to put up build pics here! Never mind, here you go with a shot of it almost done, just some dusty weathering to go and i'm calling it done:
  13. MangaMax

    What's the scale of the Product Enterprise Eagle?

    I've been grouping a lot of my craft by scale, and the PE Eagle is a bit of a head-scratcher - it COULD be 1/72nd, but looks a bit small for that. If its not, its close and must be in the 1/7-somethings. Anyone ever pin it down?
  14. MangaMax

    Scorpio by Masterpiece Models

    I was going to get Titan Find's model of the scorpio, but they folded before i did, which was gutting. But, with Masterpiece Models taking over the moulds, i'm a happy bunny. Taking two weeks to arrive after ordering, which was nice as i thought it'd be longer, i at last had it in my mitts and...
  15. MangaMax

    My Federation Trooper

    About time i put this up! Had great fun putting this together, though the wait for a Belstaff and Derri boots to turn up for sale in the right size was frustrating
  16. MangaMax

    Can anyone help identifying this article?

    Back in the late seventies/early eighties, i had a really annoying habit of cutting articles out of magazines rather than keeping the whole thing. Yeah, i know. Anyone, i've just come across these in my Mum's attic - had totally forgotten about it but, on glance glance, it all came flooding back...
  17. MangaMax

    The UFO Technical Manual

    Hey folks. Was wondering - do you know what a fair price is for this book nowadays please?
  18. MangaMax

    Bandai 1/48th Snowspeeder

    As recommended by Spaceresearcher, here we go with my build on one of the coolest ships from that Galaxy far, far away. I've got a number of the Fine Molds 1/72nd ships but decided to go 1/48th for my first dip into the Bandai takes on the craft. Really nice production on the packaging and nice...
  19. MangaMax

    Help with identifying this decal?

    Hey there. Was hoping the Hive Mind might be able to help me solve the final part of the jigsaw puzzle that is the Blakes 7 Ore Carrier? Its this "45" decal you can just see here - i don't suppose anyone knows what kit it might be from please?
  20. MangaMax

    WTB - the R2D2 that came with the Airfix/MPC X-Wing

    Yes indeed. Don't suppose anyone has the R2D2 that came with the old Airfix or MPC X-Wing kit laying around that they'd consider selling? Or, the whole kit if need be. Anyone?