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    Space Chopper

    Another great build KevinD . Well done. Not a great episode of Blake's 7, apart from the shock ending. Space bikes taking out Federation Pursuit ships. Hmmm. Plus the costume designers must have had a load of old glam rock costumes and makeup left over from the early 70s. I prefer seasons 1...
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    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    Waiitng to see the reviews of the first Eagle when it comes out. If it's good than I'll order the lab Eagle. Hope they are successful and get round to making the Hawk, Swift, UPCM , Tanks etc. If they do a Hawk it would be interesting to see how it compares with the Sixteen 12 version. Will have...
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    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    If the picture of 3 Eagles on their official site is anything to go by then after the booster Eagle it will be the lab Eagle. I'll probably get that one. Hope they're not going down the Sixteen 12 route of every model is just an Eagle variant.
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    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    Eaglemoss have just released some pics of their forthcoming 10 inch Space 1999 Eagle, due in June. For some reason the rear landing leg is on backwards though! ... NfPzaV6zjM IMHO it doesn''t look as good as the Sixteen 12 version but at least is...
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    Sixteen 12 12" Eagles - new!

    Fantastic news. Another holy grail model I've wanted for years. I expect it'll cost at least a couple of hundred pounds. I'd better start saving now!
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    Sixteen 12 announcements at the UK Toy fair 2020

    On their Facebook page they have a video of their stand showing their new products. In their 12" scale Eagle range- Eagle with detachable command module + Ultra Probe Command Module (Dragon's Domain set) Eagle + Hawk (Wargames set) Lunar tank 2nd version (inc Eagle or may be the two tanks...
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    Eaglemoss Space 1999 announcement

    Ben at Eaglemoss has let us know that they're doing Space 1999 models. An Eagle should be out in about 12 months time. If it sells well enough they hope to do other 1999 ships too. Maybe other Anderson vehicles too? :D
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    Round 2 1/72 scale Eagle kit announced

    1/72nd scale version announced:
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    Fantastic Planet Moonmobile

    Spotted this by The Tomohawk Kid on the Britmodeller site. Fantastic Plastic are bringing out a resin 1/72 Moonmobile from UFO:
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    More Takara Tomy kits and toys for next year

    Takara Tomy are bringing out a 1/72 model kit of Thunderbird S, plus toys (with sounds) of FAB1, Thunderbird S and a pod vehicle manufacturing set next year. I think the ones with sound could be Vivid's next releases and maybe the pod vehicle set too...
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    Takara Tomy TBirds Are Go (2015) TB2 kit

    After their Mole kit Takara Tomy are bringing out a kit of the new TB2 with TB4 in February 2016. 1/144 scale, 24 cm long, approx £26. This one looks like a snap together toy rather than model kit. :( Hope they do a TB Shadow...
  12. Y

    Takara Tomy TB2015 new Mole kit

    Pics and boxart of the new Takara Tomy Mole kit from the new Thunderbirds are go series. 240mm long. Hope they make a TB-Shadow kit. I though Aoshima would have got the license but the kit looks good, even though I'm not a fan of the redesign.
  13. Y

    New Aoshima TB4 kit for 2015

    Seen at the Shizuoka hobby show, Aoshima are bringing out a new larger TB4 kit...
  14. Y

    Wave Skydiver polystone model this July

    Polystone model of Skydiver due out in July. 50cm long. Very expensive at £338.
  15. Y

    New- Aoshima 1/72nd Recovery vehicle

    Prototype new model from Aoshima of the Thunderbirds Recovery vehicle seen at the Shizuoka Hobby show this week: (From HobbyLink japan's facebook page)
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    Aoshima asking fans what models they want produced

    Aoshima are asking fans which car/aircraft/movie models they would like to see in 2014. Aoshima have the old Imai moulds for Thunderbirds, Space 1999 Eagle, UFO's Sky 1, SHADO mobile and Moonbase. In the past few years they've made new better models of TB1, TB3, Fireflash plus diecasts of...
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    Starfleet (1982 puppet series)

    Remember the old Starfleet puppet show on ITV on Saturday mornings back in the 80s? It was originally called X-Bomber in Japan. Anyhow seems the Japanese fans still remember it and there's a rather expensive fully transforming model of the Dai-X robot coming out next May -...
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    Revoltech Mole - due Feb 2014

    Revoltech are bringing out a new toy/model of the Mole in February next year.
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    New TB1 design for Thunderbirds are Go (2015)?

    Thanks to Kevin on the Fanderson Facebook page for finding this- Not much to go on but if right it's looks like the vehicles are being redesigned for the the new series. Gerry always said that new designs were more likely to sell merchandising than redoing the...
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    New UFO models from Japan

    New resin kits 1/24 Straker's car 1/350 Skydiver (Bit small at 1/350?) They already have an Interceptor out. Anyone know if it any good?