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    Alpha moonbase logo vector graphic needed

    Hi all, I recently bought a Stun Gun and a Commlock from Space: 1999 and want to create laser cut and engraved display bases. I am in need for a vector graphic file of the Alpha Moonbase Logo (the one shown on the sides of the Eagle nosecone). I can find Bitmap graphics, but no vector files...
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    Tracy Island Japanese Papercraft Book

    A few days ago i got my copy of a new japanese papercraft book featuring Tracy Island and Thhunderbird 1 to 5: The first half of the book tells and shows many informations about the series: The second half contains the instructions and all e parts to build Tracy Island and the vessels. The...
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    Konami Eagle forced perspective landing pad display

    This was a "weekend quickie": A 3D printed Eagle landing pad as a forced perspective display base for KONAMI Eagles. I got the files from "Thingiverse" and used Shapeways to print them (all in "White strong & flexible"). The pad is made from 7 parts, the white ones were painted only using a...
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    Breaking News: Revell selling Moebius Models BSG Kits!

    Hi fellows, amazing news for all european BSG fans: Revell Germany starts selling the first three MOEBIUS MODELS BSG kits (Galactica, Viper Mk II, Viper MK VII) in October 2012! Price for each is 22,99 Euro. The GALACTICA is a real bargain at that level, the US-price is approx. 38,- US-$.
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    Revell X-Wing in three variants

    Here is a set of Revell-X-Wing easykit pocket models, build in 3 different ways, to show what can be done with a little bit of creativity. First a "blueprint" variant, build with an unpainted testshot. The same can be done when you strip the paint from the pre-painted easykit: Second an...
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    When the future was black and white

    Those three models have been a little painting excercise for myself: I wanted to show tham as seen "on screen", and because those are all from old movies that means in black and white (grayscales) only. All kits are from Skyhhok models. They are form the movies "20 Million miles to earth"...
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    2010 DISCOVERY "Lagrange" diorama

    A while ago I refurbished my very old COMET mini metals DISCOVERY model and decided to make a little diorama out if it, showing the ship at the lagrange point between Io and Jupiter. Here is the result: The model is approx. 30 cm long.
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    My Moebius Galactica

    Here are some pictures of my Moebius Galactica. I build this kit for an article in a german modelling magazine, the "ModellFan":
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    SULACO in 1:430 scale - made out of paper

    Well, after I registered a while ago I thought it is time to start to show some of my models. So here you can see the current state of my actual project: The starship SULACO in 1:430 scale, made entirely from paper. The final length will be approx. 2,20 meters. Here is the bow, this module is...
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    Germany calling Alpha Moonbase

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, so let me introduce myself: My real name is´Marco, I'm a long-time SF modeller from Germany (building SF models since 1977). You may know some of my models, there are several to find on the Starship Modeler website, for example. I wrote also some articles for...