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    The Golden Compass

    Firstly, I've not read the books. But I'm of the opinion that they should have stuck with the original title of "Northern Lights". Just sounds much Cooler to me. Secondly, I'll be reading the books now! Cuz aside from the title, I really rather enjoyed this movie. Since it was left completely...
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    MST3K: Tom Servo

    I still need a couple parts for Crow. But Here's Tom Servo. I couldn't find the actual bowl for his hover skirt, but this one is soo close you'd need to actually measure it to know it's not correct ;) One of these days I'll get around to sticking the exhaust pipes on the engine. Otherwise, I'd...
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    Star Wars exibit pix at COSI, Columbus, OH

    My camera was throwing fits over the light and the glass cases, but I did manage to get a couple nice shots here and there. LoL
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    Glossy printed 44" cockpit wall

    I can't draw the thing to save my life. So if anyone has a hard copy or a file I can use to print it. Just tell me what you want for it, and its yours. ;)
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    Rose & The end of the world

    I know it's been a little while for you folks in the UK. But the SciFi channel Just started running the new Who last night. I thought the background music was a little cheesy at first, but by the end of the world I was very much enjoying the show ;) I think I'll keep it :D Many referances were...
  6. S is gone :(

    :( and I was just about to get the Eagle in space poster :cry:
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    Now heres a cool site

    Has a lot of studio miniatures and screen shots including Jerry Anderson stuff among others :D
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    7 Oct in the UK Just couldn't help myself. Great movie, go see it. Don't make me come over there :thumbup: Now that I've got that out, it looks like there may be two possible sources in the near future for kits of Serenity. One from a respected "Garage kit" maker. It might be named something...
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    My (Oh but slow) 44" Eagle Transporter progress

    In case anyone hasn't seen it at SSM. Here ya go. Seems some of the pix are offline right now for some reason :? But eh, its free.