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  1. the DOCTOR

    Three Legs are Better than Two

    I posted this in my "workbench" thread below, but thought I'd show you the process from the beginning: this is my three-legged 'tank', based on the idea that the British Empire might have back engineered from Tripods left behind after "the War of the Worlds"... ...I started out with a selection...
  2. the DOCTOR

    Things on my workbench

    Glad you like what I've shown you so far! Here's a couple more projects that I really must get on with: Aerial Battleship A picture of it during the early stage of construction. A little further on Gun emplacements Adding details Propeller It's mainly made from a length of EMA tube...
  3. the DOCTOR

    Have Rayguns, will trouble!

    Been making Rayguns for a few years, most of them seem to be Steampunk, first one was the Steam Pistol*: Found a good way to etch brass at home, so that's how I did the symbols: Also, some ammo boxes: It's made mainly from cheap acrylic wineglasses, the handle was originally two...
  4. the DOCTOR

    To the Moon- BY STEAM!

    Not sure if I've posted this here before: Probably partly inspired by the 2001 Aries 1B, built around a Woolworths spherical solar garden light, so all the portholes are illuminated (if it's been sunny enough and I've left the 'lid' off the solar panel), with lots of styrene sheet and...
  5. the DOCTOR

    IR TARDIS Console

    Don't know if anyones seen (or is bothered about!) the IR TARDIS Console- ABSOLUTELY NO KITBASHING or GARAGE KITS were involved in the making of this prototype! Also more pictures HERE: Little movie here...
  6. the DOCTOR

    MORE From PE...

    Look, I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but there will be some very good news about a certain product soon, I can't say any more (client confidentiality etc.), but you will all be very happy once the news is out! Please don't email PE about this 'leak', and as soon as I get the go ahead I'll...
  7. the DOCTOR

    SSM Hawk (AKA BUTEO)

    Hello, here's my current personal project, the SSM Buteo (latin for Hawk, donchaknow), as masterd by Alfred Wong: I can't believe that a Hawk in scale with the RU Eagle (and, indeed, the PE 23" Eagle), was less than...