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    deboer seaview

    Hi Rick still have the hull
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    deboer seaview

    80 inch seaview kit , for sale open to sensible offers,this kit is not produced anymore,thanks pete
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    Mobeuis movie seaview and flying sub

    Large scale 8 window seaview kit unbuilt £80 also large flying sub £80 £120 the pair regards Pete
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    very large seaview submarine

    Anyone got one they want to part with and i mean big , pete
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    8 window mobeius seaview kit

    Has anyone got an 8 window seaview kit for sale ,or know were i can get one ,regards pete
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    Hi , have started a new seaview build she will be around 80 inches long and be rc capable with an operating ballast system , couple of pics of the nose and fin, also hoping to mold up a 44 inch studio scale flying sub, regards pete
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    Wanted studio scale skydiver anything considered regards pete
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    Hi looking for a large scale skydiver kit anything considered ,thanks pete