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    Year 1 & year 2 scripts

    Hi all. Just got hold of these two scripts "Collision course" and "The A B chrysalis ", now i'm not sure they're genuine from their respective dates as they are in brilliant condition, but even so it's great to read through them and see it word for word what was said on the series.
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    Hi all. Just a heads up who don't know, but Gerry Andersons UFO is being shown Saturdays & Sundays on the " Forces tv" Channel on Sky& Virgin at 10.00pm
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    Thunderbirds series with puppets !

    Hi all, Just browsing the BBC website and came across this This should be brilliant, hopefully after the 3 episodes they do more !
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    David Mclaughlin uniforms

    Hi all, Does anyone know if David Mclaughlin still make the excellent Space 1999 uniforms ? I can't seem to find out any info about it. Cheers.
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    USS Enterprise AMT special edition lights and sound effect model

    Hi all, this is a long shot but i have the circuit board off this model kit by AMT, but some of the lights and speaker have been cut off, so what im looking for is a pic of the board. All i need is to see what wires went where. Cheers for any help.
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    Francis Matthews R.I.P

    According to various news sources the actor Francis Matthews as passed away. As we all now he's more known for the voice of the original Captain Scarlet, amongst other things. Another part of childhood now gone. R.I.P :(