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  1. forza27


    Hi, been a long while. Hope you all are well. While surfing Tut web, I found a chap that makes 3D printed Space 1999 figures. Nothing to do with me, dont know him apart from an email about german WW2 helmets in 1/16! Just thought I would share. You may already know. Link to facebook page...
  2. forza27

    USA assistance needed. URGENT

    Hi all, is there anyone in the US that could assist. I am trying to buy a model off ebay and the listing text states he ships worldwide. So I contacted him and he says he ships USA only. Confusing to say the least. I would paypal the money to buy it, then once postage if know to ship to the UK...
  3. forza27

    Stingray Album

    Does anyone know which album the story where Stingray is shrunk and put in a collectors collection is in? I vaguely remember the story but cannot for the life of me remember which annual it was in?
  4. forza27

    Imai 1/144 Big Thunderbird 2

    Paint added. Building in flight mode to save time fighting with the kit material!!! Plus I prefer her with the pod in place
  5. forza27

    Thunderbird 2 Detail decals

    Hi Gang, I am halfway through building the Imai Super Big 1/144th scale TB2. I am building it in flight mode with a fixed pod because 1. I have too many builds on the go and 2. I prefer it in flight mode. Looking at screen grabs the TB2 ( original small 2 version ) it has many small detail...
  6. forza27

    New Original Thunderbirds episodes

    Hi, did anyone contribute towards the three new episodes just released. I have the DVD and thought they were great and totally in keeping with the look and ethos of the originals. What did you think?
  7. forza27

    Store Missing?

    Just went for a mooch and it was not there!! Any news? Derek
  8. forza27


    Well here we go with Bensmodelworld's Huge Thunderbird 1.. Just to give an idea of scale I will be making a few changes to suit what aspects of the many versions of TB1 I like. So it will be a hybrid of all my best bits. Laters
  9. forza27

    UNCL Kits

    Is Uncle Bill still on this site? D
  10. forza27

    Andercon 2015

    Anyone going? If so what day?
  11. forza27

    Holy Grails

    Ok these are my holy grail pieces: All SS or near SS Shado Mobile ( got ) - Mamas Thunderbird 1 ( got ) - Bens Thunderbird 2 Thunderbird 3 ( getting ) Bens UFO ship (got) Bernies Angel Interceptor Moonbase Interceptor ( getting ) Stingray48442 SPV - Mamas ( one day x :lol:) Space 1999 Eagle...
  12. forza27

    Bens Thunderbird 1

    Hi all, have just received a box full of bits for Bens 24.5" Thunderbird 1 and it looks massive. Even when you know how big it will be, its still a suprised when its dry assembled!! Will post as it gets built D
  13. forza27

    Steve Platt UFO Interceptor

    Hi, has anyone made one of these? Are they well made and accurate. Any help appreciated.
  14. forza27

    Thunderbird 1 Blue

    Is there a definitive colour pantone ref for the blue on Thunderbird 1?
  15. forza27

    Thunderbird 1 Launch Pad TOS.

    Hi all, does anyone have good reference that might enable me to build the original Thunderbird 1 launch pad? Tried google but very little there except the normal side on launch sequence. Any help much appreciated D
  16. forza27

    Old Old SHADO Mobile Build

    Well, here we go. I am building a Studio Scale Control Mobile. Body was by Mamas, but please do not confuse this with his latest offering, this is the Old Old One!! Will get some pics in shortly. It's in the filling, sanding, filling and sanding stage, as has been for some time :D I have a set...
  17. forza27


    Hi all, I am making room ( financially :lol: ) for an imminent 44" Eagle build ( so serously need funds as you all know ) I have just listed the following on ebay: Aoshima Thunderbird 1 model kit BNIB Item Id: 111143381967 1/350 IMAI THUNDERBIRD 2- GREEN METALLIC Item Id: 111143387709...
  18. forza27

    44" Eagle brass spline clamps

    Hi, does anyone do the brass U clamps for the cage to spline connections? Would prefer U rather than L for added strength. Thanks for stopping by. :thumbup:
  19. forza27

    Product Enterprise 23" Eagle on ebay

    My eagle is on sale. Dive in :D Listing: 111139011371 Page: Have Fun
  20. forza27

    23" Product Enterprise Eagle for Sale - ebay

    Hi, just thought I would drop a line to let anyone interested that my Product Enterprise Eagle is for sale. Item number 111139011371 Thanks for looking in. :thumbup: