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  1. DX-SFX

    Soldering Basics (Updated)

    A more compacted form of the original thread. Aplogies to those who left kind comments now edited but I've decide to trim as a consequence of the thread starting to wander: ------------------------------------------------- For those feeling timid about stepping foot into the world of...
  2. DX-SFX

    Steve Begg Interview

    David Sisson has posted his recent interview with Steve Begg on his site. Well worth a read. Bigger photos though please David. :)
  3. DX-SFX

    Highlighting Forum Rules

    Unfortunately, from time to time, it becomes necessary to remind members of the forum rules. This is presumably because certain lines have been crossed or close to being crossed in various threads. While all the rules should be adhered to, it's not always obvious where the problem is. So that...
  4. DX-SFX

    Soldering Basics.

    For those feeling timid about stepping foot into the world of soldering, it's much easier than you probably suspect. This is a basic introduction to encourage people to have a go. What is soldering? It's the joining of two pieces of metal or alloy with another lower temperature melting alloy...
  5. DX-SFX

    Database Error

    Anyone else getting this irritatingly frequently? I sometimes have to click on a particular link three or four times or go via a roundabout route to get to where I want to go. I even got it just now trying to post this thread here in "Commander's Office". System glitch?
  6. DX-SFX

    40th Anniversary Press Conference

    A talk by seven of the surviving Apollo astronauts just over an hour long. I think it should at least be recognised as a national celebration/holiday and it's not even my country.
  7. DX-SFX

    Apollo 11 Crew Reunited.

    I've even stood on that very spot. That'll be hallowed ground next time I go.
  8. DX-SFX

    Happy 40th Launch Day.

    Yep, this day exactly forty years ago, at 9.31am EDT, three men sitting on top of a mighty Saturn V set off on Man's greatest adventure.
  9. DX-SFX

    "Commissioner Simmonds Office".

    Simply a proposal that a new section be created next to the "Troubled Spririt" maybe where all political discussion goes. That includes any item involving a politician or ex politician or political issues like global warming. If it can be arranged that access to view and post has to be granted...
  10. DX-SFX

    Dambusters Are Go

    Just came upon this article a few months old. I know this Peter Jackson film has been talked about a lot but this is the first solid news I've seen of it happening. A good way of getting around the 'N' word too (although some PC knob will still claim offence). Stephen Fry writing the script...
  11. DX-SFX

    Eagle 3 Photos and the Hovercraft Charity

    Since everyone is keen to see photos of Eagle 3 before they die, I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. Below is a taster of some photos that I'm going to donate to the Hovercraft Museum to kick start this year's fundraising. These photos were taken in 1995 when I had the rarely seen model...
  12. DX-SFX

    Offline for a couple of days.

    I'm off on a trip this weekend up t'north so don't panic if anyone has PM'd me and not got a reply yet. If you don't hear before I go, you will when I get back. Have fun.
  13. DX-SFX

    More Laser Tank Door

    Starting a new thread with this as the other discussion is likely to get lost on what started as an eBay thread. Here is a revised replica Laser Tank door. A couple of details yet to be added and the blocks surrounding the door need to be sanded down a little further but overall, I feel this...
  14. DX-SFX

    Mike Admason Joe 90 F-116

    Congratulations to Mike making it into the most recent issue of Fine Scale Modeler magazine with this gallery entry. Very cool.
  15. DX-SFX

    'Quantum Of Solace' Theme Released

    .... and it's dreadful. A bit too close to (c)rap for my tastes.
  16. DX-SFX

    New "Quantum Of Solace" trailer.

    Sadly they couldn't resist the new Indiana Jones style tricksy (and obvious) CGI stunts and camera moves falling through the roof but otherwise the film shows some promise.
  17. DX-SFX

    Ripmax Boat Fittings

    Finally I've managed to find my Ripmax catalogue from 1976. It's been a bit of a trip down memory lane looking through it as I can't believe it's over thirty years old. Anyway, more importantly, here's a scan of the page covering Ripmax's range of boat fittings, plastered fairly liberally over...
  18. DX-SFX

    Wall-E (spoilers included)

    Just came back from watching this tonight and have to confess to being completely underwhelmed. Some of the production design is superb and more amazingly, some of the vistas of Earth, considering it's for a computer cartoon, were better and more visually convincing than some of the stuff in the...
  19. DX-SFX

    Spectrum Helicopter Drawings

    Courtesy of Phil Rae: If referencing these elsewhere on the web, please link to this forum page in preference to posting off board. Thanks.
  20. DX-SFX

    Angel Interceptor Drawings.

    Courtesy of Phil Rae. If referencing these drawings elsewhere on the web, please link to this page rather than posting elsewhere, thanks.