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  1. cricket

    Poster status

    Right off the bat, I'm sure this is in the wrong section, so moderators feel free to move. I am trying to track down the status of the A2 set of Baldassari posters I ordered and paid for back in mid-July. I've tried to PM Bernie in the past few weeks, but as I've heard no reply (which is...
  2. cricket

    Latest Silva Space:1999 release

    Is anyone here knowledgeable about the S99 CD notice I received today from It's Y1 music, one CD. Is this a new abbreviated version of the 2-CD Fanderson release of a few years ago? Any new remixes, enhancements? Perhaps just a re-release from 2004? I read through the Silva...
  3. cricket

    Bing: 7 Jan 2010

    While not my favorite search engine, Bing has just gone up a notch or two in my estimation. Today's image is of a moon (Io, perhaps?) with several 'facts' you can uncover as you mouse over. Check out the one on the right hand side of the image.... There's obviously a S99 fan lurking among...
  4. cricket

    Transporter's Lego Eagle... a WIP

    I've long wanted a Lego Eagle, and now I'm not so far off getting one! This has been an exercise in patience... learning how to root through BrickLink, squinting to see the difference between one slope and another, realizing as I have all the brinks in front of me that I picked the wrong piece...
  5. cricket

    Network DVD sale

    I haven't seen this posted elsewhere, yet... Network DVD (the folks that put out the awesome remastering of S99 series one) is having a 40% off sale of their entire stock through January 25th. For those of us on the far side of the pond: all of their dvds are R2...
  6. cricket

    Khan has died

    Egads, two actors who loomed large in my childhood have died within the twenty-four hours. In addition to Patrick McGoohan, we have now lost Ricardo Montalban. He was 88. RIP.
  7. cricket

    First Lady of Trek joins Great Bird of the Galaxy

    And another. Majel Barrett died today of leukemia at age 76. The article on MSNBC says she will be heard as the voice of the Enterprise in the upcoming movie. Damn. We're losing too many too fast.
  8. cricket

    Happy Birthday, to us!

    Three years old today, which in cyber-board-years probably puts us in our early adulthood. :lol: Thanks much to Mark for prevailing against common wisdom and pushing his dream through to completion. I've learned bunches hanging around here, and have a lighter, but happier, wallet for it. ;)...
  9. cricket returns

    During a purge of dead bookmarks, quite to my surprise I found the return of this site. The most recent news seems to be over two years old, but at least the site is back up. :yes:
  10. cricket

    News taken to new heights...

    Okay, now this is definitely a rather unique spin on the theme from series 1. From Fairbanks, Alaska no less.
  11. cricket

    Willoughby Goddard, RIP

    Willoughby Goddard born 4 July 1926 in Bicester, Oxfordshire, died 11 April 2008. While not exactly one of my favorite episodes, still another link with S99 is lost. Addendum....
  12. cricket

    Johnny Byrne has died

    Martin on the Catacombs confirms scriptwriter (for some of the best S99 episodes, IMHO) Johnny Byrne has died. Mateo Latosa (Powys Media owner) adds more details over on OnlineALpha. How sad.
  13. cricket

    nice collection of movie posters

    I stumbled across this nice collection of scifi movie posters. Nicely sized so you can see a fair amount of detail.
  14. cricket

    Out of the mouths of babes...

    No, not the ones from that thread, but my children. :P We're about halfway through watching Thunderbirds (and loving every episode) and took an off-school snow day as an excuse to watch 2 more episodes, and then an episode of S99. We popped Breakaway into the dvd player and settled in. I...
  15. cricket

    arachnid invasion

    S'okay... on top of the frequent google spiders, the almost as frequent yahoo slurp spiders (obviously in need of a review in dining manners! :lol:), now we have an MSNBot spider. These are good things, right? :think: The entire computer spider-thing is a bit fuzzy in my understanding.
  16. cricket

    Milestone reached

    Our fearless commander has reached the significant milestone of 5,000 postings! And given that the Board is less than 2 1/2 years old, let's see.... that averages out to, umm... 5 1/2 postings a day? huh, seems like a lot more. :twisted: Congratulations, Mark, on making the Board a reality!
  17. cricket

    EDF Energy commercial & S99

    After seeing a posting over on OnlineAlpha about an EDF Energy commercial I went YouTube surfing, and yep... just like everything else on film or video in the world now, there it was. Don't blink, the S99 clip goes by fast! :yes:
  18. cricket

    Backstage SFX clips

    This is the first time I have seen these particular backstage SFX clips.
  19. cricket

    Space: 1999 Net Forum... MIA

    What's up with the forum? All I am getting is a white page with... There appears to be an error with the Space: 1999 Net Forums database. Hope it's only temporary. :-/
  20. cricket


    Well, here's a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Out of curiosity I've been following the sales of the season 1 Silva CD release. Originally selling for ~ 13-15 USD when released three years ago when I got mine, it recently has sold for up to 65 USD on ebay. A search on iTunes finds quite a...