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  1. crowe-t

    WTB: V(Visitors) Studio Scale Skyfighter

    Does anyone have a Studio Scale Skyfighter and/or Squad Ship from the TV show V(Visitors)? These were being made a few years ago.
  2. crowe-t

    Eagle Shoulder Pod & Engine bottle rectangular marking colors???

    I attached a picture from the Catacombs site of the Eagle 1 44" Studio model from mid season 1. I applied some red and orange arrows pointing towards these long rectangular markings on the shoulder pods and engine bottle. These are the markings made from the Sasco vinyl labels. My question...
  3. crowe-t

    Ford Diamond White Color sample?

    Hi, I'm looking for a color sample of Ford Diamond White. I'd like to mix my own FDW using hobby acrylics and am looking a sample of the color, maybe sprayed on a piece of cardboard or a small piece of flat styrene. BTW, I live in New York, US Thanks, Mike.
  4. crowe-t

    Using neodymium magnets to connect a CM(Beak)?

    Hello fellow Alphans! I'm in the process of working on my AMT/Scratchbuilt Eagle and am trying to figure out how I want to attach the CM. I'm using a Small Art Works(SAW) resin CM which is solid resin. I was going to use the pour plug at the rear of the CM to glue into the front of the...
  5. crowe-t

    My 1st Eagle build...AMT Eagle/scratch build

    Hi all, I recently started my 1st Eagle build using the AMT release of the old MPC Fundimensions Eagle 1 kit. I was inspired by eagle3's Airfix Eagle build so here is the start... I started building the cages, using Evergreen Styrene rods, with a simple jig I made which really helped speed up...
  6. crowe-t

    AMT/ERTL Eagles - Let's see some builds!

    Hey fellow Alphans, I'm thinking of building one of the AMT/ERTL 12" Eagles. I'm not sure how I will build it in regards to modifications/accurizing. Can you post some pictures of your AMT/ERTL Eagle builds? :)