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  1. JMChladek

    Auctioning my Bandai Skydiver kit

    Thought I would give you guys a heads up. I need a little slush fund for a couple upcoming shows, so I've got some kits up on eBay right now including a Bandai Skydiver model kit in very good condition (parts still bagged and box in great shape). Opening bid is what I paid for it about four or...
  2. JMChladek

    Famous trashed SF spacecraft (NOT an Eagle)

    Well, I am wrapping up my last SF model project for the year. I've been documenting the build on Youtube, but I also shot some still photos of it as well. As it stands, the decals are on it and I just need to do a little cleanup of the paint before I flat coat it and add the decals. Now, it is...
  3. JMChladek

    MPC Pilgrim Observer, LOTS of kitbash possibilities here!

    I picked up the reissue of the Pilgrim Observer this past week. I have one of the originals, but I wanted a second one as I've been sketching out ideas for a kitbash I want to do with it. I started assembling some of the parts tonight, and given its age it actually fits together rather well...
  4. JMChladek

    Thinking about a WASP Arrowhead fighter variant

    I recently saw a rather nice kitbash conversion of a 1/48 Hawk F-5A into the W.A.S.P. Arrowhead fighter from Stingray on another site. Looking at it, it seems like a very easy first conversion for a model that one can try and I've been looking at doing something like it in 1/72 scale with a...
  5. JMChladek

    TIE Bizarro (a little SW kitbash)

    Thought I would show you guys some pics of a project I did last month: The spacecraft is called the TIE M-1 and it is based on one of the experimental variant TIEs encountered in the Lucasarts game X-Wing Alliance. It has unofficially been given the name TIE Bizarro in reference to its twin...
  6. JMChladek

    I nominate Jack Roush, honorary Eagle pilot!

    For those that don't follow NASCAR (which I imagine is a lot of you), Jack Roush is a NASCAR Sprint Cup owner of four race teams. But, he also is an avid pilot with lots of airplanes in his collection (everything from business jets to WW2 warbirds). In 2002, he survived a night time crash...
  7. JMChladek

    Moonbase Alpha (a new game)

    Something coming next week from NASA: Doesn't look very good to me. The suits aren't orange, there are no Eagles, stun guns or commlocks. What's more, the crisis involves a meteor hitting the moon and...
  8. JMChladek

    So, who has picked up the Moebius Moonbus?

    They popped up here in the states last week and I am eyeballing mine and debating about whether I want to build it stock or start giving it some Eagle mods. One mod I plan to do either to my first or second one is do a Rescue Moonbus (maybe more akin to Moon Ambulance) with the back section...
  9. JMChladek

    Shuttle model with a twist (Moonraker)

    I've finally found a project that commands my full attention. Remember a few years ago when I built a 1/72 scale shuttle stack for a local museum? Well, I've started another one using the Monogram kit with ET and SRBs as a basis. But this time rather then doing it as a real shuttle, I am...
  10. JMChladek

    Are Morris Marinas really like Eagles?

    BBC America showed the Top Gear episode featuring 1500 quid rear wheel drive performance cars this evening, complete with the backup car, a Morris Marina. Of course, after James toasted his Ford Capri's engine (pity as I like Ford Capris), he ended up driving the Marina and they introduce to...
  11. JMChladek

    Is there a definitive list of Moonraker studio models?

    I recently embarked on a project to build a 1/72 Moonraker stack (ET and SRBs) and I have a question concerning the original Moonraker shuttle studio models. Is there a list out there of how many studio models were built for the film and to what scales/sizes? Reason I ask is I want to know if my...
  12. JMChladek

    What I'll be doing while ETF is in stasis (orange, flies fast...)

    Well, I've been thinking about how best to apply my time while the ETF goes through its shutdown period (I have this image of Lister from Red Dwarf in stasis, seems about right). Anyway, In a couple days, I hope to get a parcel from California which includes something big, orange and rocket...
  13. JMChladek

    Living proof an S:1999 intro works for almost anything!

    Well, I've seen it done with Trek, I've seen it done with Thunderbirds, but how about the anime series Macross done with a Space:1999 series one style intro? ;)
  14. JMChladek

    Work in Progress (FineMolds Millennium Falcon)

    I felt I would post some pictures of my current SF model project, the Fine Molds Millennium Falcon. I built the thing last June/July to see if I could finish one in a month. Well, I did manage to get the model mostly built in a month, but I decided I didn't want to rush the paintjob. So I tabled...
  15. JMChladek

    My latest model (NASA SR-71 Blackbird)

    I've been working on this for the past month. It is a limited production example of Hasegawa's 1/72 SR-71 Blackbird featuring NASA markings. Overall the kit was pretty fun to do. It might not be as accurate as say the Revell or Italeri offerings, but it built up well enough. The shape of the...
  16. JMChladek

    Hey, I made the New York Times!

    Well, at least I designed something that got mentioned in the NYT's blog anyway. The below is a blog link by a reporter covering the launch of STS-124 down in Florida yesterday. For those that aren't aware of it, the mission to deliver Kibo also is going to deliver some hardware to the ISS to...
  17. JMChladek

    New version of Space: 1969 up!

    If anyone remembers the Youtube video from last year which spoofed Trek with a 1999 credit sequence, a new version has been posted with some tweaks, including one I suggested (replacing the crashing station with a shuttlecraft). So it is even more silly now. Enjoy...
  18. JMChladek

    One of the better 1999 Fan tribute films I've seen

    I spied this one on Youtube this week. It is an older film from 2006, but to me it sums up the feelings I have for Space 1999 quite nicely. The ending is also a nice touch.
  19. JMChladek

    A weird idea (RC Helicopter Eagle)

    Well, I had been pondering it for a few months, but tonight I bit the bullet and got myself a radio control helicopter. Specifically, I picked up a Blade CX2 from Eflite. So far I've had three flights with it and it flies quite well. Part of the reason I got it is I want to endulge my Airwolf...
  20. JMChladek

    How to get Doppelganger to fit into UFO's timeline (sort of)

    Okay, spawned by the joke posting I came up with in the Space Probe thread (which others took and ran with, heh heh), I was thinking how one might be able to stick Doppelganger into the UFO universe in such a way that it all fits. And I think I have come up with it. Dateline: 1980ish something...