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  1. TerraForm1

    Michael Paul Smith -Miniaturist

    Michael Paul Smith's photostream Discovered this guy's work by accident. Lots of nostalgic American car miniatures shot outdoors with natural light and backgrounds with lots of "how it was done" images. There's a shot with the Product Enterprise...
  2. TerraForm1

    Joe 90 - C21 Toys - Mac's Car

    Hope this is the right section: Joe 90 - C21 Toys - Mac's Car I'm restoring the friction drive version of this toy for a client. Can anyone post a closeup shot of the rear red tail lights that I can use for reference? I'd simply mold an original but neither my toy or the client's has them...
  3. TerraForm1

    Tinting urethane resin/ plastic

    Hello fellow Alphans: I'm almost finished a toy restoration project for a client, (the large Fireball Xl5 toy by Multiple Products Corp, 1964) and am in need of some advice: I had to replicate a couple of major components (rear rocket engine & a wing for the XL5 Junior) and have completed the...
  4. TerraForm1

    The Stingray Museum

    Does anyone remember this excellent website? (I think I got the name right). If memory serves, it was created by a fellow who was born in the UK and had been living/ working in Japan as an adult (a photographer maybe?). Anyway, it was one of the first online resources for collected information...
  5. TerraForm1

    New Fireball XL5 DVD Boxset - Special Edition

    Mentioned on today's XL5 newsgroup by Keith Ansel: "I've just heard that Network are releasing a Complete Series Special Edition DVD Boxed Set of our favourite TV series - see Network's Forthcoming Releases page at: Sounds like there will be some...
  6. TerraForm1

    PE SHADO Mobile 1 - question re: gun turret

    Hello folks: Specifically anyone who owns one of these toys/models. Are the turret and extra plastic bits on the roof removable to create a standard mobile? (SHADO-2 by Product Enterprise's nomenclature I would guess). I have a chance to get a SHADO-1 on the cheap but would like to convert it to...
  7. TerraForm1

    Online Anderson series Photo Reference resource

    This was mentioned this morning on the UFO yahoo group by Angelo Finamore. It appears the remaining reference photos for Anderson's SF series have been acquired by RexFeatures from Granada. They're a mix of publicity, promotional and behind-the-scenes images. Some of them don't appear to have...
  8. TerraForm1

    New Mike Trim (Century 21 designer) Book due out mid year

    And about time too. Mike Trim designed many of the secondary vehicles and locales used in the Anderson Supermarionation series from Thunderbirds through UFO. It's great to finally see him get some recognition, (stepping out of the shadow of Meddings if you will). The Spectrum Patrol Car & MSV...
  9. TerraForm1

    Building advice: WAVE vinyl SkyDiver kit

    Hello everyone: I see there's a minor discussion of this kit over at the Observatory but I thought it was more appropriate to post here. I’ve got an un-built Wave kit of Skydiver from Anderson’s UFO which has been taunting me from the basement for over a decade now. I really like the contour...