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  1. oshvision

    Recovery Vehicles

    I made these :thumbup:
  2. oshvision

    Thunderbird vehicles

    I have made several thunderbirds vehicles out of papercraft. :)
  3. oshvision

    Space Station KLA video

    Hi there I have created a short video of my CGI render of space station KLA; Hope you like folks!
  4. oshvision

    More Thunderbirds 3D models

    Hi all, heres a selection of my latest 3D models; ASR Jets MSP Transporter (1) MSP Transporter (2) Zombite Jets Crablogger I have only been able to upload these now as i am studying a uni course in engineering at the mo, Hope you like ;)
  5. oshvision

    Can someone make me a FS2004 aircraft

    Westland 30 Helicopter for FS 2004 onwards Hi there Can anyone help me finish my model of the Westland 30-100, Photos of the helicopter from the net; Its based from the Westland Lynx design, i need to get this flying in Fs2004, i made the model in Google sketchup, but i need someone to...
  6. oshvision

    Interesting observation- Scaled Drinking Glasses

    Do you see all the glasses they are all drinking from, from I have one of these and another small one with blue petals or something blue on the side flowery, I always thought these would be the right sort of scale for a puppet! Here they are; "relation in size to an AA battery"
  7. oshvision

    FOUND! Original Early 1980's VHS recordings of Stingray

    Hi folks FOUND! I managed to get some of my old VHS cassettes out and found an original early 1980's VHS recordings of Stingray! especially pleased when the old swirlly BBC 2 ident came on screen! this dosent have the rubbish overlay sound effects carlton added in the 90's -but the original...
  8. oshvision

    Space Station KLA

    Heres some of my latest renders (note the thunderbird 2 is not my one- but edited)
  9. oshvision

    Lyons Maid Adverts

    Heres some Lyons Maid adverts i found on a cd :)
  10. oshvision

    Thunderbird 1 Launch Bay 3D Model

    I have made this :) (all except Thunderbird 1)
  11. oshvision

    Thunderbird 2 Pod interior

    Hi all Im currently in the process of makeing a full render version of Thunderbird 2's pod, i need some piccys to work out the layout... can someone upload some screenshots or does anyone have a cuttaway of the pod section?
  12. oshvision

    Fire Engine and MSP 3D Models and more!

    Hi There folks, Ive been making some more 3D models on my pc, this im sure will impress eveyone! :) I was able to match the colour from the screen shots mike made on the other thread... i have also modelled quite a large section the london airport from trapped in the sky, edge of impact and...
  13. oshvision

    Skythrust from Thunderbirds

    Hi folks, Just created these models on the PC!:
  14. oshvision

    The reality of a Thunderbirds Re-make

    Hi there all Would it really cost millions to make each episode, concidering once you have film equiptment, a large space, lots of explosive mixtures, a bunch of ebay model kits ect... surly it could all be thrown together to make another few episodes???
  15. oshvision


    HI There; heres some pics of my PaperModels! that i have made over the years, i have some more but there in boxes in the loft lol! :) Empire State Building Diorama Zero X includng paper model MEV!!! Thunderbird 6 and SkyShip One Sun Reflector from Lord Parkers 'Oliday Ocean Pioneer 2...
  16. oshvision

    "Thunderbirds" Fan Series Pilot

    Check out this new "Thunderbirds" Fan Series Pilot :) I created all the backgrounds and photographed my models to include them in this film;
  17. oshvision

    Thunderbird models

    HI there Iam looking for someone who has a selection of Thunderbirds models if they wouldn't mind taking a few photos of them like the ones in the title sequence of the show, in front of a "green screen"? as i waould like to make a movie project which re-creates the title sequence. Also any...
  18. oshvision

    Alan Traceys Racing Car (BR2) from "Move and your Dead"

    Hi there all :) Im a new member and been a fan of Gerry Andersons shows from a very early age!- i have buit some kit models and created my own using what little resources i have avalible including a full lenght Monorail! Anyway, for many years how ive always wondered about this model? there is...