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  1. Lrl

    Scratch build BLITZSPEAR

    Made mainly from 2mm mdf.
  2. Lrl

    Wildly inaccurate pod interior

    I'm afraid I'm making up the interior of the pod, so you can see stuff through the windows. This means I have to group the action and furniture towards the centre of the space, the exact opposite of the accurate layout. I need very flat thin lights too. Link to pics...
  3. Lrl

    Greg Martin is still movie making.
  4. Lrl

    Time travellers suitcase
  5. Lrl

    2000ad, Rogue Trooper's GUNNAR

    Been busy, quite pleased with this one.
  6. Lrl

    2000ad Blast from the past, Major Magnum.

    I've been busy on my most obscure ever prop. I can supply as a kit to the very few who even remember this, let alone want it.
  7. Lrl

    The sort of International Rescue I need.

    My latest epic, you should recognise the craft.
  8. Lrl

    Do movies count as finished projects?

    Well they should. Blue moon's finished movie.
  9. Lrl

    Steam Punk events

    Anyone exhibiting in Leeds this weekend? Love to see some of your work in person.
  10. Lrl

    Feedback please, The Voyages of the HMA Tiffin

    http:// In this exciting episode, The German aerial dreadnaut, Unbeseigbar, has challenged the HMA Tiffin to a race, hoping to prove Teutonic superiority in two of Europe's capitals. National PRIDE is at stake, it's all...
  11. Lrl

    Consultancy undertaken.
  12. Lrl

    HAL 1900

  13. Lrl

    Federation Armory

    By order of Sector Commander Ham Salad, citizens of the Federation and it's enemies are ordered to gaze upon this terrifying array of weaponry, and consider the cost of disobedience. Obey or DIE. Carry on.
  14. Lrl

    Starcruiser 1-REBUILT

    I regressed to childhood and bought this partial kit on ebay, most of the windows, engine bells and skids are missing, but all the important stuff is there. This means that I can either restore or reinterpret the model. I choose the latter, mostly because the weedy little rocket boosters on the...
  15. Lrl

    Raygun website My first website, if you have one on a similar theme I'd like to share links, and I'd like to see your work anyway. If you want to put a gun on my site I'd be delighted to accommodate you.
  16. Lrl

    Dredd Lawgiver mk1

  17. Lrl

    Ray Carbine WIP

    Basic design done, just need to do the lights and detailing, anyhow, here it is.....
  18. Lrl


    Basic lepton agitator with bolted on Faddeev–Popov ghost field smasher. As you can see, this basic ray gun has been modified and augmented with an experimental quasiparticle disrupter. It's designers evidently then had second thoughts, as evidenced by the alarming number of warning stickers...
  19. Lrl

    Budget trooper

    Black plastic backed foam board, A4.......£1.20 Skate helmet from bargain bin in Tesco...£3.00 Tea strainer................................................£1.50 Correx plastic board from a sign...............Free Electric cable for edging............................Free I used Exterminator's...