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  1. mack29


    Whilst the likes of TV21 and Countdown have been scanned into digital format I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of scans of the Look-In Starcruiser comic strip?
  2. mack29

    Making an exhibition of myself

    Just to remind everyone: I will be attending the MCM Expo at the Manchester Central Exhibition Centre on Saturday 21st July with a number of my models and dioramas on dispay and up for sale. If there is any specific model you are interested in I can bring it to the exhibition for you to collect...
  3. mack29

    War of the Worlds Tripod

    My steampunk take on the classic design Take care and have a great day Barry
  4. mack29

    Making an exhibition of myself

    I'm going to be making an exhibition of myself. I will be taking a stand at the Manchester MCM Expo on 21st July http://​ selling my build ups. For a 10% deposit I will gladly bring any model from my collection...
  5. mack29

    Fireball XL5: The Next Generation

    Captain Venus Zodiac of the Fireball XL5-A: daughter of Steve Zodiac and Dr Venus. By the way I am looking to sell this and my other completed models to make more room. Please let me know if you're interested in anything. Barry
  6. mack29


    I have just read that Lindberg models have ceased trading. Whilst not known for producing SF kits they have kept in production some interesting, but slightly obscure, models over the years.
  7. mack29

    Cheap airbrushes

    A friend sent me this link asking for my opinion First reaction is you get what you pay for, but have no actual experience of the ABs listed. Anybody tried one of these? Barry
  8. mack29

    New Modelling Book

    Please may I heartily recommend a new book on figure and diorama building due for publication in February 2010. I know the author personally and I'm sure he'd be very upset if you didn't buy a copy :) Take care, Barry
  9. mack29

    The Prisoner Blu-Ray

    Just watched the first two episodes of The Prisoner on Blu-Ray last night and was extremely impressed: the level of colour and detail was amazing. And for the purists it's in4:3 with the option of surround sound or original mono.
  10. mack29

    Thunderbird 6 Soundtrack

    I recently discovered that are offering for sale the soundtrack to Thunderbird 6 as an MP3 download, as the CD is now discontinued. That's the good news. The bad news is that they will not sell the download if you do not live in the United States. As I am more than happy to pay the...
  11. mack29

    What's in a name?

    I was recently looking for some models on the internet for building a diorama, and a friend had suggested that I try Barcelona Universal Models, based in Spain. When I found their website I discovered two things: 1. The company likes to be known by the initial letters in its name. 2. The...
  12. mack29


    Out of curiosity, does anyone know if Tamiya Thinners, particularly the big bottles, have run foul of our friends in the EU? Of late I have not seen any for sale in either physical or internet shops.
  13. mack29

    New Thunderbirds Novel

    Just finished the new Thunderbirds novel, "Action Alert!" and the most polite way of putting it is that the book is disappointing. Ms Verba's first Thunderbirds book, whilst hardly great literature, was entertaining in a join the dots kind of way: linking together what back story elements were...
  14. mack29


    So, how do you pronouce Benes? Is it: Beans Beness Benesh
  15. mack29

    Anderson Interview on BBC Breakfast Programme

    Did anyone else see Mr Anderson this morning on the BBC1 breakfast programme? He did two five minute slots at about 7:20 and 8:50 and was asked the usual inane questions while the presenters were trying to plug this evening's programmes on BBC2. Whilst it was first thing on a Sunday morning Mr...
  16. mack29

    "New" Thunderbird 2 kit

    HLJ are advertising a new TB2 kit The kit features "accurately scaled and detailed TB-2" along with TBs 1, 4 5 and the mole. When I sent an e-mail to them asking if it was a re-issue of the old "big" TB2 with rubber wheels I got a response saying that the...
  17. mack29

    Weta Exhibition

    Has anyone been to the Weta Exhibition at the Royal Armouries in Leeds? Is it worth a visit?
  18. mack29

    How long is it?

    Noticed that Comet's new Fireball XL5 kit is being advertised at 8" long at 1:200 scale, which would make the "real" thing 133'. However, flicking through Graham Bleatham's Supermarionation Cross -Sections book gives a length of 300', which would make the kit 1:450 scale. Any thoughts?
  19. mack29

    End of the Road

    Thought you might like to see this recently completed model. 1:350 scale Aoshima/Imai TB1 and 2. Kit bashed Konami Transmitter truck
  20. mack29

    And you think we're obsessed?

    Just watched the local news last night, and saw a guy in Warrington who has built his own full-size, working model of the 1989 Batmobile. Don't worry, if you fancy one for nipping down to the supermarket in he is taking orders: just don't expect any change from £150,000.