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  1. mrpsychopath


    Very nice
  2. mrpsychopath


    Thats going to take a while during the lockdown
  3. mrpsychopath


    Anyone working on anything during lockdown.
  4. mrpsychopath

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Found it 😸
  5. mrpsychopath

    New Site Issues / Feedback

    Glad the site is back Karr, can you tell me where the original puppet thread been put, or is it gone in the upgrade. Thanks
  6. mrpsychopath

    Where has the puppet thread gone

    I must be needing to go to specsavers, i cant find the puppets thread. I am sure i left it in the launch crater. :cry:
  7. mrpsychopath

    Wanted buck rogers thunderfighter(starfighter)

    Hi Guys I am looking for a buck rogers thunderfighter kit, the monogram one will do. I am sure I seen on the forum a large scale model but cant find the thread. did this ever get cast and molded. thanks for looking. :thumbup: