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    76-inch Orion III spaceplane

    Thought I'd share some images of a 76-inch long scratchbuilt model of the Orion III spaceplane from 2001:A Space Odyssey that I've been working on in my spare time since late October. When completed, it will be on loan to the Museum of Science Fiction in Washington DC and will be on display at a...
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    Colony Ship Arcadia

    Here's something a little different... Took some photos of my latest model project last night and wanted to share them with you. (Hopefully, some of you may get a chuckle!) This one is called the Colony Ship Arcadia and was initially inspired by current (serious) asteroid mining concepts. In...
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    Naked model

    Like many of you, I'm inspired by the work of other modelers (like mung's in an adjacent thread) and although it's great to see the finished model, I always like to see process shots in which all the raw materials used in its construction are visible. And so I present to you my current model...
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    Martin Bower's Dreadnought (and my Ranger 5)

    Hello all. I'm finally getting around to posting some shots of a model that Martin Bower built for me called the Dreadnought. This brings to five the number of Bower models currently in my possession but this one is definitely the most impressive piece in my collection. It's been sitting on...
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    Space Tug and Barge

    I thought I'd share with you another project that was one of my entries in the model contest at Wonderfest this year. I call this one an Interplanetary Freight System concept (but you can call it a Space Tug and Barge). This idea came about as a way of addressing the problem of moving materiel...
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    Eagle1B Command Module

    Here's something I thought some of you might be interested in, especially those modellers that build Space:1999-inspired ships. The Eagle1B command module (as I call it) began as a very crude two-piece vacuform from Sirius Rocketry (kit#102). Of course, I couldn't help but notice its...