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    Dollhouse Anderson

    looks cool Not sure where you are located, but im in Uk and can print some bits for you on one of my resin printers if you need anything Age
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    think superpropreplication does turned alu mics dont think listed on his website so will need to send a message
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    my heart would be a

    Fireball Xl5 this one is only 4 inches
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    Thunderbird 3

    quick print on the 3d printer of Thunderbird 3 or is that Thunderbird 3D printed to 8 inches
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    anyone remember this ?

    spoof by the crew of terrahawks
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    new thunderbirds series is GO!
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    Big Jim Sullivan - RIP

    just saw in that Big Jim passed away on 2nd october for those that have not heard of him before he played the "Sitar" on space 1999 episode the troubled spirit wiki here about big jim R.I.P (note meant to post in the s1999 section...
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    came across this thought it was quite good if you do a search for "gerry anderson" on the website you will see LEGO stingray, SPC, SHADO Mobile etc
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    Gerry and Jamie need help from model owners

    Hi guys just saw that Jamie has posted on the fanderson website to see if anyone has any models they could possibly lend for tomorrow for a photo shoot to promote the Altzhimers walk Jamies email is
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    thunderbirds japan anyone shed any light on this, my japanese is zero !!
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday to Mr GERRY ANDERSON 83 today (14th April)
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    FAB 1 - work in progress

    WIP so dont laugh !!
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    paint colour code for fab 1 replica

    anyone have any car paint charts that have industry standard paint codes on them ? need a code for paint for a fab 1 build age
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    wanted - 44" eagle parts & any castings of terrahawks stuff

    as per title :) looking for any parts for 44" eagle build pref bigger stuff to start with ie pod, side pods, framework etc and anyone have any castings available of any terrahawks models pm me prices etc Age
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    heads up _ NETWORK DVD SALE

    Network are having a sale most dvds are half price or less
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    RIP Anne Ridler

    sadly passed away known as voice of Kate Kestral and cy-star in Terrahawks also appeared in several dr who episodes :(
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    Vintage footage john and jean taylor making sound effects for stingray and various clips, interviews, etc
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    RIP Nicholas Courtney

    sadly passed away aged 81 best remembered for his role as Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart in Dr Who
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    FAB one for sale

    came across this looks like you have to buy all the collection dont know when it will happen or if it already has though not seen any news...
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    ACME vintage tape recorder prop Thunderbirds/stingray

    On ebay item 120674299229 US only, $10 at the moment, one bid