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  1. CR

    The Medusa Touch (1978)

    The other night, MrsCR was scrolling through our tv channel guide on screen menu, and I saw the title The Medusa Touch. "STOP!" I yelled. She obliged, wondering why I suddenly seemed to be going nuts. More nuts than usual, I mean. Anyway, I said, "Go back, to The Medusa Touch." She scrolled...
  2. CR

    Observations about S99 fan division

    I'm just pointing out some observations here, not trying to stir up trouble nor get people upset or fighting against each other. I was going to make this post in another thread in response to things I'd observed both there and around the forum as a whole, but decided that this deserves its own...
  3. CR

    Coming soon... Commander Koenig

    OK, this is likely one of the dippiest threads I've ever started, as I currently have no way to upload pics, but since I briefly mentioned on another thread this work-in-progress, I might as well get a thread ready for it. I hope my prose description is enough to get the idea across! Recently...
  4. CR

    Space: 1999 comics reprinted & remastered

    Hey, all... On the S99 Aftershock thread, scatta pointed out that there are plans for the old S99 comics to be re-released soon. I decided that such a topic deserves its own thread! Kicking it off is scatta's original post, quoted here: My response was: Let's carry on the discussion here. (If...
  5. CR

    Bethan Missile

    In conjunction with the other "The Last Enemy" thread about the Deltan missile (see: ), here's one about the Bethan missile. This thread will ultimately be about model build-ups/replicas of the Bethan missile, but it starts off with an...
  6. CR

    Moonbase Alpha WIP from Masterpiece Models

    Masterpiece Models has some new stuff posted to Starship Modeler's Reader Gallery page. Follow this link and scroll down the list of WIP projects there. (Also, obviously, look at the bottom photo on the page.) There are four clickable pics to go to from there, starting with 'Moonbase Alpha,' and...
  7. CR

    So, which Dalek is this one?

    Man, and I thought I was nuts... Death from the Skies author and 'Bad Astronomer' Phil Plait recently got creative with a bunch of snow that hit his home. Look, laugh and enjoy! He's obviously a Doctor Who fan...
  8. CR

    THE 'Proof that the moon landings were faked' THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED...

    The 'Proof that the moon landings were faked' thread has been temporarily moved, while some moderation is done. Please be patient and do not start up a new thread about that topic before the old thread returns. Thank you.
  9. CR

    New film coming out called MOON...

    There's a new sci-fi film coming out soon, called Moon. Looks kind of like a mixed bag of 2001, Silent Running, Solaris and a few other things, and in spite of its potential for being derivative, it looks kind of interesting, too. Astronomer Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy has an entry about it...
  10. CR

    Meta Probe spacedock orbits moon.. no, wait, it's the ISS transiting the moon!

    Look & read about it here:
  11. CR

    LIFEFORCE space shuttle Winston Churchill

    LIFEFORCE. Anyone remember this 1985 sci-fi/horror film about space vampires? A joint US/British exploration team is on its way to intercept Halley's Comet (using a modified ESA/NASA shuttlecraft, the HMS Winston Churchill) when they discover a 150-mile long alien derelict near the comet. With...
  12. CR

    Micro Eagles (and other ships in that scale)

    Hey, there! This thread is going to be for the tiny Micro Eagles, those out-of-scale ships that came with the Moonbase Alpha kit, but are incredibly detailed for their diminuitive size. Want to make an entire fleet, showing all the Eagle variants? Want to add accessories like the spine booster...
  13. CR

    Making the Moonbase Alpha kit more accurate

    I'm currently working on making the old Moonbase Alpha kit more accurate, based upon the many publicity photos of the studio model and of pics posted at Martin Willey's The Catacombs site of some of the buildings from the same studio model. While it won't be 100% accurate--scratchbuilding would...
  14. CR

    War of the Worlds art by my sons

    Technically, this artwork is inspired by the 2005 Paramount film, which is set in the United States, but since that is in turn inspired by the old HG Wells novel, I thought I'd post these here. Besides, hopefully soon, the boys will be making some artwork based upon the book... I'll post that...
  15. CR


    One of my many works-in-progress, it's the original avatar Fun Pod made for cricket. I couldn't decide if I should call it Fun Pod's Cricket, or cricket's fun pod, so I settled on Eaglet. The CM was made from an old (almost a decade old) copy I'd made of the old Fundimensions Eagle CM... I only...
  16. CR

    Model Ships (you know, the kind that go on water, not space)

    Just starting up a new thread for water craft, to avoid hijacking the 'real space' thread. Basically, I think any naval or commercial ship or boat could be discussed here, with pictures, of course! :) I haven't got anything of my own to post yet, but if Jorge is willing, he could kick it off by...
  17. CR

    A Different Time, A Different Place (Hey, Tanya fans!)

    I just quickly & crudely threw these together... hope you enjoy them!
  18. CR

    UFO at BadAstronomy

    Bad Astronomy has a thread about UFO.
  19. CR

    Swift interiors

    OK, so we all know about the interior of the Swift in the Season 2 ep "Brian the Brain." It's cool looking, but doesn't really fit well into the exterior model. (To me, it looks better suited as a control module on the Spacedock, say at one of the thruster clusters at the end of the Spacedock's...
  20. CR

    War of the Worlds 1/160 scale tripod diorama kit

    Just saw this at Starship Modeler. Though it's not the best tripod design in my opinion, it's a very nice looking kit, with lots of detail. Plus, being 1/160 scale, finding accessories to expand the diorama (like having part of downtown London being attacked by a few tripods) should be easy...