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    Moon Mobile build in scale with other UfO hardware

    Hi Guys Finally back on line , turns out i had to change server to Firefox , to be able to get to the website. Lots of stuff to get though, but here is the in scale Moon mobile ive started on in scale with the rest of the UFO hardware ive built. Ive taken lots of photos on my phone , but...
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    Ed Strakers car / new project

    Hi Guys Glad you join us on this channel for another project , this time Ed Strakers car in scale with the rest of the UFO hardware ive built or building . Here's the first photos showing the model at this stage before i start to add in all the contours . Using my normal method ive quickly...
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    Luna module in scale with shado mobile

    Hi Guys Lots of work for this new year . Here's my start on the Luna module , ive had my drawings scaled up so the figures ive used in the Shado mobile fit the cabin of the Luna module . One photo shows my Intercepter build project next too the Module to give you a idea how big the model...
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    Intercepter project

    Hi Guys Here's the latest project a large scale Intercepter , in scale with the Skydiver pattern , and Shado mobile's . Here's a little teaser , outline cut out of Scrap MDF left over from Skydiver build . Model in back ground ? i think its a ENA resin kit ive had it years. best Pete
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    Hi guys Start of a new year , and ready to start my largest project to date . Having just finshed the two Patterns before xmas of the SPC and MSV , both still waiting to be moulded , i wanted to have a couple projects for this year , that's been i my to build list a very large Skydiver and...
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    Project MSV

    Hi Guys Started a new Project the MSV in scale with the SPV i have just finshed ,started to frame out, the main body of the vech, in mdf that i saved a lot of money buying of cuts in the scrap box in homebase, £1.60 p enough to make the whole body . The build should be straight forward ...
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    Hi Guys Two years ago i started work on a scatch build SPV , with loads of projects on the go , i decided to finish one at a time , Macs car was the project i decided to finish first . Now as i finished one of two macs cars , the second still in progress , i have restarted work again on the...
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    Mac's Car

    Hi Guys Just finshed second 3 ft Thunderbird 2 , and had a good clear up in my work shop , i have another model to start in the new year , but after finally finshing Eagle 3 i wanted to get back and finsh some more of my own models , that i patterned a few years back , one of these was Macs...
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    Second 44" Eagle started

    Hi guys Finally started the second 44 Eagle build , this time i know where the trouble areas are so , should move along very quickly , i have the 4 cages assembled , and have completed one segment with the cross pipe work , last time i built these areas i built the cages as two unit and fitted...
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    44 Spine Booster

    Hi Guys Does anyone know what detail parts used to dress the top of the spine booster units , are from , they look like tank hatches , i started the build today , i blocked out in plastic card the two long rectangle units , and of to EMA tommorow for tube , its handy its 5 min drive away...
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    44 booster pod

    end of thread
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    1/24 scale moonbuggy drawings

    Hi Guys I'm nearing the end now of my first of possible 3 builds of the 44 inch scale Eagle. I will be building most of all the extras, i.e. Lab pod, but as the winter now draws in, I want a small project that I can work inside, and the moonbuggy fits the bill. Are there any drawings around ...
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    44 Passenger Pod

    Hi Guys Well today the Passenger pod that i sent away to be moulded arrived back, moulded in one piece ,2 cast's one that will later become the Lab pod ,for the second build i have planned ,so after a short break it was out with the grider and files again , this after noon i cut out the sides...
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    Hi guys I,m having a sort out in my work shop i have some patterns up for grabs 6 ft Seaview onpen to offers 4 ft Spindrift sold 3 ft Stingray open to offers just some clean up work on them needed either to be remouded or display models updat on 44 Eagle passenger pod should be...
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    Plastic past times model shop

    Hi Guys As many of you i.m building models all the time , and am getting near the end of my first 44 Eagle , i was away last week end , and while driving around down in Dorset , and looking at all the shops etc i pasted a model shop , rhat really caught my eye, now it was around 8pm so of...
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    Eagle 44 main tanks top pipe detail size

    Hi Guys Worked some more today on the Eagle , have got the main fuel tanks inplace . and ready to add the pipe work ,that is on top ,of the tanks does anyone know what size this pipe work is ? Season 2 ,once this is done ready to start prep work for painting ,passenger pod still needs to be...
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    44" Eagle build-all scratch built

    Hi Guys I had 5 mins so i thought i would give you all an update on how the Eagle is moving along. The main leg assemble's are near finished , all i have to do now is mould the foot pad, and attach them to the sprung legs , with the arm links , all ready attached to the main shafts , boy what...
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    Luna Mod and space cap

    Hi guys What scale is the kit parts of the luna module on the front upper walkway on a 44 Eagle , only i saw two kits at diff scales today and even though i am building Eagle 1, the thought passed me one day i might build i think its Eagle 2 with these parts the scale of the kits were 1 /48...
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    'Joe 90' Explosives Truck

    Hi guys anyone intrested out there i have finished my explosive truck and if anyone wants a kit of it let me know contact me on other news wow i have at last finshed the brass work for the 44 Eagle , the CM i scatch built and have taken moulds , also leg pods , and passenger...