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    Full size props

    Just wondered if anyone has built any full size props from their favourite Not realy talking about small guns or things like that but larger items. I have built a full size Tardis which is now in my back garden and am thinking about starting a full size Dalek to go with it.
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    Star Trek miniatures

    Does anyone know what happened to the Star Trek miniatures that were sold at auction last year. I am particulaly interested in the whereabouts of the Enterprise from the motion pictures and the Enterprise from T.N.G. Also does anyone know if the Enterprise A that was sold was the large model or...
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    Has anyone got a set of the Polar Lights 1/350 the NX Enterprise decals. Bought a half built kit off Ebay but it did not have any decals. Ordered and paid for a set from Frontier models but then they said they had none in stock (refund please ?) They are damned expensive to buy from the states...
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    Lunar Models Spindrift

    Hi - I have just bought/won an unmade, boxed, Lunar models Spindrift from The Land Of The Giants. I paid £24 for it which seems like quite a bargain. Has anyone any experience of this kit, either building one or any information at all. Thanks
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    Dr Who/Torchwood auctions

    See that Bonhams are having and auction of Dr Who & Torchwood items. Sad to see the Torchwood SUV up for sale, that could mean no more Torchwood as we know it
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    What happened to the Dr Who end of time thread ?

    Why has this thread disapeared ?
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    E Bay Thunderbird 1

    Anyone seen this yet on ebay ? Appears to be a large fiberglass half built Thunderbird 1. Seller thinks it was used in the Swinton adverts a few years back Item No 280358293654
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    UFO Mobiles on E-Bay

    If anyone is interested there are three Product Enterprise UFO mobiles on ebay today along with a double pack of an interceptor and a ufo saucer. Starting bids for all items is £19.99
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    Large Radi Control, Dalek

    Just thought someone might like to know that the Home Bargains discount store is selling the large 18" Radio Controlled Dalek for £39.00 This has a retail price of £99 and sells on E-Bay for at leat £45 - £60. Bought one today - absolute bargain !!