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  1. J

    Robert Easton

    As some of you may have heard Robert Easton voice of Phones/X20 in Stingray died on December 16th aged 81. A great actor who's career spanded over 60 years RIP.
  2. J

    Whatever Happened to John and Wanda Brown (nee Wanda Webb)?

    I was thinking after watching Thunderbirds episode The Mighty Atom the other day whatever happened to John and Wanda after the studio's closed? I know Wanda was an operator on Christine's Unit on Thunderbirds with Carolyn Turner then she became Puppetry Supervisor and John was puppet sculptors.
  3. J

    Stingray Production Order

    We've discussed the Production order for Thunderbirds but what does anyone reckon the right order is for Stingray? Apart from Stingray being the first episode Emegency Marineville was shown as Episode 2 but produced as Episode 11. The first episode called Stingray was filmed in 1963 but i wonder...