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  1. Doug_H

    Scratchbuild SS SHADO Mobile

    Hello, Long time no see. My past few months have been eventful, not necessarily in a good way, but things are slowing down. To relax I've decided to use some of the things I have (never quite got through selling) and build a Studio Scale SHADO Mobile. I bonded 3 pieces of blue foam insulation...
  2. Doug_H

    Duplicating Tiger Joe parts

    Good Day, I've recently procured a Tiger Joe tank. While it's far from complete it does have good wheels and tracks, which was what I was after. I'm currently working with Smooth-On to try and cast copies of the tracks. I'll post progress as I proceed. I'm hoping to be able to turn out...
  3. Doug_H

    Spine fabrication

    Hello All, As with many here I've been working on my 44" Eagle for quite some tine, mainly amassing materials. I've started my spine, aquiring the Brass and cutting it to size. I've also started soldering some of the pieces. I'll post pics soon. I just bought a small torch as my large one is...
  4. Doug_H

    Another Eagle design

    Anyone seen the latest pic on Conceptships?
  5. Doug_H

    British Military ends UFO hotline

    From the AP: Ex-Files: British military ends its UFO hot line The truth - and the UFOs - may be out there, but nobody in the British military is listening anymore. By GREGORY KATZ Associated Press Writer LONDON — The truth - and the UFOs - may be out there, but nobody in the British military...
  6. Doug_H

    Flooding in Northern GB

    I saw on the news this AM about the flooding in Northern Great Britain. I hope everyone is alright. I saw a Police Officer was swept away and drowned, very sad.
  7. Doug_H

    Well, it's started

    My 44" Eagle project has begun. For the past day and a half I've been measuring and cutting brass to size for the spine. No pictures because it's just a pile of brass pieces so far. I'll be miilling the fishmouths, fitting, and soldering in the coming weeks. Pics then. It will be a season 1...
  8. Doug_H

    "V" the remake

    some info.
  9. Doug_H

    12" Eagle prices

    What's a fair price to pay for a 12" Eagle?
  10. Doug_H

    New toy!

    So as mentioned in another thread I picked up my mill today from freight and unpacked it
  11. Doug_H

    Event Horizon Movie - Lewis and Clark?

    So not the best movie but I liked the design of the "Lewis and Clark". Anyone know where some stills are?
  12. Doug_H

    1/24 R2D2 scratchbuild

    As I mentioned in another thread I've purchased Mike Salzo's 1/24 Studio Scale T-65 X-Wing (Luke Skywalkers Red 5) The kit arrived and it's very impressive. This is the 3rd version ( Mike started with the Capt Cardboard one) and the detail is impressive. The only items I can see improving is...
  13. Doug_H

    44" Eagle project

    So while my Laser Tank project may have been outprioritized my 44" Eagle is still moving forward. My progress to date is in material gathering. I've procured the following: 1) All necessary model kits. 2) Blueprints 3) Decals 4) All EMA (Plastruct) parts 5) All brass tubing 6) Assd Aluminum...
  14. Doug_H

    Current Eagle kit/part/plan info?

    Hello, I just found this site while looking for an Eagle Transporter kit. After reading here as well as other sites I'd like to build a 44" size. My concern is that I may be too late as it seems many of the sites offering Blueprints and parts are years outdated and emails have, so far gone...