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  1. Rdrunner

    Iron Man

    Anyone watched this movie yet ? Video I just watched it last night and thought it was excellent :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  2. Rdrunner

    10 years in the making
  3. Rdrunner

    Attn: Muscle car builders

    Here are some an excellent decals for various Muscle cars from Keith Marks, I recently purchased a few sets for my AMT 68,69,70 Road Runner and GTX models and also for the Hemi Cuda. I have to say these are one of the best decals, I've seen in awhile ( apart from DX's ) :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  4. Rdrunner

    1/32 Trumpeter SU-27 Flanker B

    I just picked this up SU-27B along with this Black box resin set and I am going to paint it in this scheme but with these colors and also need these correction sets. Set 1 nosecone, set 2 canopy and set 3 intakes, and finally, Aires exhaust set. Boy that is gonna take awhile :yes:
  5. Rdrunner

    Eagle posters

    I know that our awesome commander does some a great job creating posters, like that of the Pulse rifle, but what about some Eagle posters ??? Anyone here would like to join me to motivate our Commander or some else would like to take this task, I believe that, there is enough members here that...
  6. Rdrunner

    RC Heli

    I am hooked again on flying R/C helis, I had gas powered heli a few years ago, but ended up with several expensive damages, had to quit , a local friend got me hooked back again on purchasing this Heli, it's an inexpensive heli even with replacement parts, I've done some slight mods with this...
  7. Rdrunner

    Won Ebay bid

    Just won this Eagle Poster on Ebay :dance: :dance: :dance:.
  8. Rdrunner


    Has anyone seen the Transformer movie trailer yet?? takes awhile to load then click on trailer for the preview BTW, any Transformer fans here
  9. Rdrunner

    Space 1999 wallpaper

    Not sure if any of you guys, seen these, but I found a few more interesting wallpapers, it is in Spanish and also scroll down More Eagle Wallpaper Love that 3rd Rescue Eagle for a poster :drool:
  10. Rdrunner

    Tobor's Eagle Movie

    I just found James's movie link from Mateens site pretty cool to watch 3 Lab pod Eagles with spine boosters :thumbup: Note: AVI 7mb
  11. Rdrunner

    Scratchbuild an Eagle Transporter Command Module

    Has anyone here ever tried scratchbuilding a command module??? I have been over to Tobor's, Barry's, David S's, Ketzer's etc. :thumbup: found ideas on to build most of the Eagle parts. I have even tried sculpting with clay, came close, but :furious: , just did not look right. What...
  12. Rdrunner

    Making the PE12 Eagle accurate. "Modifications"

    Has anyone done any accurizing to 12 PE Eagles or is there any, and what is involved :thumbup:
  13. Rdrunner

    Warp Eagle kit??

    Hi, I just won this bid on Ebay, I am guessing that this is a Warp kit :? I woke up at 4.45 am :zzz: to verify, only to find my rival bidder tried to out bid me :thumbdown: , but guess I took him out within a few seconds :thumbup: . I sure hope that this is the Warp kit...
  14. Rdrunner

    Hi I am new here

    Hi everyone, I am very pleased to be part of this forum group. Glad to know that there are guys out here that are Eagle fans. Can't wait to get my hands a 44 or 22,23 inch Eagles, mainly 44. Ken :D