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    Testing the water

    Basically anyone interested in a swap for a Product Enterprise Eagle basic transporter. Mint in box with original paper packaging. For and heres the deal a Blake's 7 Federation trooper rifle ?. I have contacted members on here and have had some great advice. I sadly haven't been on in ages and...
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    1/48 scale figures

    Hi I'm just wandering what is the best place to find 1/48 civilian model figures. I have just purchased 2 Eagles and really want a pair of none suited figures. I have been looking but to no avail.
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    Dan Dare Eagle

    Hi anyone remember the Dan Dare solo comic following on from the 2000AD. With the flying fort and the 3 assault craft called eagles ?. I was just wondering if there is any comic collectors out there who have the issues with the cut away versions in ?. I had most of these but sadly lost the lot...
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    Worth a swap ??

    This is pure curiosity I was wandering if it would be worth swapping a Product Enterprise Eagle for the new 22inch MPC version. I doubt many people if any would but just throwing the thought out there. Or even the deluxe booster set with tank and buggy. Both mint in box sealed with original paper.
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    Was going to paste a link to this site I really think some people will like. However if its already been seen hope I didn't waste your time. Being coy about it its just a nice surprise. Enjoy
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    The Great Martian War

    If this has been mentioned I apologise in advance but this was a really clever well written show. Set in the great Martian war of 1913 to 1917. It shows the great Martian war machine role across Europe feeding on the very weapons used upon it to destroy them. Machines powered by a liquid Alien...
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    Eagle Prices

    Hi been ages since I posted but was wondering are people paying those EBay prices for Eagles. Meaning the Product Enterprise versions are they really getting the price. Not tempted to clear my hanger yet just interested that's all. Cheers guys oh and does anyone have a drill hole guide for the...
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    Modelzone Closing

    Hi as a science fiction fan general model builder I see a great loss to our high street. When this store is gone I know Newcastle and Gateshead will have no model and hobby stores left. People have argued that we can buy online but its still a sad loss.
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    Blakes 7 plots

    Can't be accurate because I don't have the series on DVD.But having watched the recent Sky production of Sinbad.I was drawn to the plots arrested take over a ship visit unknown Islands planets.A pick pocket a superhuman all with a past the Sinbad Blake charater.The evil witch who was...
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    werther mac compressor 012231

    High just be given this compressor and was wandering if anyone here has heard or used it before. I have been on loads of sites but have not spoken to anyone who has used it. So if you have let me know if you need a moisture trap air flow regulater. Also what adapters you need to run any thing...
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    V mini TOS fighters

    Hi trying to find a link to a guy who built 1.72nd scale V fighters from the TOS.He had a link on to his site and was or is a memeber here. Any help would be really great cheers
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    How many Eagles do you have

    Just haveing a think about how many people are here and was wondering what amount of Eagles we have between us for fun. WARP PE Airfx Dinky and all in between and say a count of all the 44" and 88" are out there. This is a pure count of Eagles only even podless ones. Just to see what kind of...
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    Hanger panels

    Hi I'm just asking if anyone knows the thread for the hanger panel demensions.In scale with the Airfix and PE Eagles been a while. Also wondering if anyone has thought of making a printable version of them for display.Or a good template to work from. Just a thought for a quick and simple...
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    Moulding Materials

    Hi could anyone please advise on where to get moulding materials online or Tyne and Wear area.Best deals would be great with not knowing what I really need this would be a great help to. Any advice on quick simple techniques would be a asset to.Have some car filler that had been suggested but...
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    China: Satellite enters moon's orbit

    Hi with this new news happening do you think NASA might have. A problem with them taking high resoulution images of the Lunar surface.Just a thought I doubt the fact that they may have landed man on the moon but they may have landed something.Even just a probe to gather information. Any...
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    Sean Hunter 3D Animator

    Hi this is a very interesting site think you should check out the Carlton Chirstmas Ornaments ??? Hope this is not old news
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    Check this out

    Thanks to a guy on StarshipModeler "Glazy" who gave this link I found some interesting stuff. Dyslexia Lures :)
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    Spray Booths

    Have the skill but not the space as yet to build a booth.However any advice on the best or decent cheap extractor.Also would you use it for acrylics with them being water based any ideas. Dsylexia wroks \m/
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    Too many kits

    This is just a general question but do you ever feel you will never get to finish all the kits you have.I know not really a Space 1999 topic but I have Eagles in my to build pile to but Product Enterprize beat me to it :D Just asking as it could be atleast another 6 months till I get a room...
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    Hi been browsing but have not had much to say for a while.But have just been to my local ModelZone and there selling of Transporters for £29:99 and other Product Enterprise products.Did not check the gift set price but sure it was down as well.Have fun if your interested Dyslexia Rlues :?