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  1. hwels

    Sylvia Anderson has died

    Today is a sad day for all of us with the news that Sylvia Anderson has passed away. Rest in peace m'lady.
  2. hwels

    Thunderbirds - Albert Heijn codes

    On the Fanderson Forum a member asked for scans of the Dutch Albert Heijn codes from the 60's. I scanned my copies for him but decided to share them on this forum too. This is a link to my picasa album with all the Albert Heyn codes:
  3. hwels

    Thunderbirds are go?

    Fanderson announced today that Gerry Anderson has signed a deal to make a new series of 'Thunderbirds' :O No other details at the moment. Stay tuned!
  4. hwels

    Original Space Precinct pistol for sale
  5. hwels

    TB2 in the Netherlands

    It's carnaval in the Netherlands, isn't this a 'beauty'? :O
  6. hwels

    A new milestone

    Have you checked the postcount recently? We're almost at 100.000 posts! :thumbup:
  7. hwels

    Picture of Mole

    Finally got hold of a scanner. My first scanned picture is this one of the Mole. I have the original slide that was used in the production of one of the Thunderbirds summer albums way back in the 60's. I had only two prints made from this slide. One of these prints has been scanned today.
  8. hwels

    Andermat Thunderbolt

    From Gerry Anderson to launch a new kid's show Gerry Anderson, the man behind classic kid's TV shows Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet is currently working on a new project. The Andermat Thunderbolt is being made by Cosgrove Hall Films and will be a stop motion...
  9. hwels

    Another Eagle coming our way?

    Look what I just read at Comet's website: Eagle Transporter - Pilot Episode £39.50 12" long/1:72nd scale. Die-cast metal/plastic. Limited Editon Eagle Transporter from the pilot Episode of 'Space 1999' featuring the Burnt Orange coloured Pod. Box carries Special Edition Label. Coming: Jul...