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    Thunderbirds /Captain Scarlet

    I have a luckly years, got my hands on Imai Thunderbirds Tracy Island kit and Imai "Captain Scarlet" Cloudbase for £20 each not start's and all parts are in bags and boxs in good order. To all at Space 1999 Eagle Transporter Forum have a great christmas and happy year:thumbup::D
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    bort Plane of the Apes tv show for £10 the complete season and thinking of looking for the model kits, if a round the place?:thumbup::thumbup:
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    Model shows

    It time for Avon IPMS show at Yate on Sunday the 22 August, I hope to meet some of you at the show?
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    Cheap DVD

    I was at dogs show today and pickup the complete series Due South in one box for a £5, I think it is better to wait for some time and pickup DVD and books and model kits later for a lower price? what do you guys think? A:thumbup: or A:thumbdown: to that?
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    28mm Figures

    Have a look at this sits, if you are into miniatures:eg like my into Harlequin miniatures Dr Who figures. Happy modeling :thumbup::thumbup:
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    Ipms show

    One fun day at Yate model show and graet to meet Bernie - Captain Sci-Fi at the show, I hope to meet some more of you in the days to come? :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
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    Ken Ludden new film

    Ken is a Friends of my Well, the time of reckoning is near, when all of you get to see the premier screening of the film I played the lead role in: "The Meaning of Filo". The screening is on August 10, at 8pm. I hope to see everyone there to support the very good work of director Chris...
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    Model shows

    The time has come for the model show series to start. Like a lot of us, to get new parts and books plus model kits, old and new kits we have been looking for a long time and meat up with old mates for a chat ( some of the guys from the Plymouth and my old home city of Exeter model clubs from...
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    New DVDS

    Hi all: I was looking at Amazon and one of the cult TV show from when I was a kid. As show up again on DVD, Star Fleet , NO it not Star Trek, it a Japan's pup show, like Thunderbirds Supermarionation but not as good?