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  1. ChrisofEDF

    Chris Foss Eagle

    Hi Guys, Let me know what you think. :) Theres an article to go with it here:
  2. ChrisofEDF

    I made a poster :)

    Enjoi :)
  3. ChrisofEDF

    The Thresher. Prototype Stingray.

    Ever wished we got to see more of the W.A.S.P fleet? So do I. Introducing the Thresher.
  4. ChrisofEDF

    Building Moonbase Alpha

    Hopefully you guys might enjoy this. Its an article I wrote on the Fanderson Blog about the construction of Moonbase Alpha. Hope you Enjoy
  5. ChrisofEDF

    Eagle Prototype Design

    For a little project I am doing, I figured it would be fun to create a "Prototype" version of the Eagle Transporter. Let me know what you think. A link to the full sized image and writeup is here .
  6. ChrisofEDF

    Fanderson Blog: Thunderbirds Gaming.

    I wrote a piece for the new Fanderson blog about the future of Thunderbirds gaming including a pitch for an imaginary "dream" game. Check it out here and let me know what you think :)
  7. ChrisofEDF

    Shadow of Fear/ Holding the line.

    Some more Scarlet and Terrahawks stuff, hope you enjoy :) Click here for artist notes and stuff Artist notes and some Terrahawks love
  8. ChrisofEDF

    Thunderbirds Artwork.

    Haven't posted in a while, here's what i've been up to in my absence. :)
  9. ChrisofEDF

    BBC Tribute

    My tribute to the BBC special effects department. Read the full description, :) here
  10. ChrisofEDF

    Thunderbirds Countdown.

    5! 4! 3! 2! 1! Not sure why they are coming up as different sizes, but ah well.
  11. ChrisofEDF

    Thunderbird 3: Spacewalk

    Haven't posted much in a while. So did this picture to make me feel better. Enjoy :)
  12. ChrisofEDF


    Please check out my Latest film, Skyhawk, following the Adventures of Angus Spencer and his crime fighting talking car, in our passionate homage to the action Tv shows of the 70s/80s, such as Knightrider, Airwolf, Macgyver etc. As always comments and...
  13. ChrisofEDF

    UFO The Fan film

    This was meant to be a Christmas present to everyone but it got a little delayed... We got a little impatient waiting for news of the UFO movie, so we made our own. An SKPB Film Featuring: The Acting talents of Andrew Clements, Guy Taylor and Mark...
  14. ChrisofEDF

    1999 vs 2001

    A Space 1999 - 2001 crossover, just for the giggles Naturally, we could have done this sketch in CG, but then we wouldn't have had the fun sitting in a freezing cold garage trying to move the camera up and down on a rowing machine on two consecutive nights.
  15. ChrisofEDF

    The Domo's Last stand

    A devastating Tsunami has gripped the inhabitants of a South Pacific Island. Scott buys vital minutes by using the Domo to reinforce the last crumbling flood defence while Virgil and Alan desperately clear the island hospital. Will IR clear the inhabitants in time? Will the flood defence hold...
  16. ChrisofEDF

    Toho Mecha

    Got my self into a bit of a Japense cinema type mood. Surprised alot of the Godzilla stuff does not feature here as Toho are one of the few film companies that still use model fx over cg these days. Some maser tanks. Mothra The planet x Spacecraft.
  17. ChrisofEDF

    Diamonds are Forever "10 seconds and Coouuunnntttiiinng" Nobody ever gives this very pretty looking satellite any attention, so here it is :)
  18. ChrisofEDF

    The Liberator

    Got a upgrade to my Fx program so have been giving it a whirl on Blakes 7, something i've never modelled anything from before :)
  19. ChrisofEDF

    2013 Eagle redesign Challenge

    This is my entry for the 2013 Space 1999 Redesign challenge set up by universal, here is my entry. I took the original design and "modernised it using various designs of realistic spacecraft but always remaining true to the original design. Please note: if this is the design they finally go...
  20. ChrisofEDF

    Stingray: What if

    The computer graphical, three dimensional voyage of Stingray This ones been on the back-burner for a while, this was done as an experiment to see how Stingray would look using more "Hollywood style" underwater effects (Like in Hunt for Red October, or...