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  1. Howard

    44" Jbot decal set and Eagle 3 CM.

    Here's a set of Jbot decals for a 44" Eagle, and a 44" CM, hollow cast and taken from the SS Eagle 3.
  2. Howard

    I'm not happy at all! Shapeways Recaster. '1970s magazine' my foot! Ok, perhaps not a recaster as such, but that's MY design, and it has been well documented.:thumbdown:
  3. Howard

    Doctor Who Tom Baker Sonic Screwdriver

    Here's an all aluminium Tom Baker Sonic Screwdriver. It's a perfect replica of the sonic seen during the Baker years. It's spring loaded to reveal the emitter neck. If you need any more pics, please let me know. U.K. only and PayPal only please. Asking £50 - free 1st class postage.
  4. Howard

    22" scale Kestrel pieces, alu bells, Chris' FG CM...

    Many of you may remember my Kestrel scratch build of a few years ago, it was featured on the cover of issue 15 of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler Magazine. It was my intention to build a larger, definitive version of the design, in scale with a 22" Eagle, so I began collecting the parts for the...
  5. Howard

    Was there a CM design tweak...

    Back when I was a kid and I built my first Airfix Eagle, I remember scratching window frames after painting the anti glare panels matt black. I scraped a line from the corner of the frame where the front window meets the bottom panel, forward towards the CM, forming a white frame between the...
  6. Howard

    Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion. I have a bad feeling about this. :lol::D
  7. Howard

    A couple of blasters...

    ..from very long ago. These were made out of watch parts, water pistols, and other odds and sods I had laying around at the time. They were build around five years ago, if memory serves, and were sold to a collector in the U.S. Uploaded with Uploaded with
  8. Howard

    Victorian / Steampunk Star Trek Phaser.

    Here's my Victorian / Steampunk Star Trek Phaser. It's built from mainly found items - plus the usual brass, copper, aluminium and gold plated tubing and rods I use for my 1:1 scale prop models. Uploaded with I'll go through the design and build process over the next couple...
  9. Howard

    UFO Mobile JBot decals question.

    Does anyone have any info regards what's included on the JBot UFO Mobile decals, regards lettering and numbers? A pic would be good - by all means watermark it to prevent duplication. I'd ask Jim via email myself, but I thought it would be best to ask here first, rather than bother him, as I...
  10. Howard

    A few of my models from years ago...

    I recently visited a friend that's I've built various kits and scratchbuilds for over the years. This time I took my camera to take a few shots, so I thought I'd share them here with my friends here. First up is an AMT Eagle. This was re-worked (not to the astonishing degree that Kerimis has...
  11. Howard

    Youtube CM interior build...

    I found this guy's work yesterday - it's looking quite good indeed. I'd invite him along here, but my email's down - damn Virgin!
  12. Howard

    ISS build animation.

    This is great! The component sections are clickable also for more info when it's complete.
  13. Howard

    Command module full scale set question.

    Does anyone know what types of seats were used in the command module full scale set? They look like car seats - any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  14. Howard

    Fantastic Shuttle and ISS pics

    I've had these stunning pics of and taken from the shuttle sitting on my desktop for a while now, and I've been meaning to post them here as I know you guys will appreciate them. They came from a friend who has a friend (no kidding) at NASA. I've had to re-size them for posting. Enjoy...
  15. Howard

    Polymorph - has anyone used it?

    A friend of mine recently told me about this product, available in the U.K. from Maplin. Here's a few FAQs from the Maplin site: Q) Is polymorph reusable? - Kevin Gough A) Yes. You just have to reheat it in hot water so you can mould it...
  16. Howard

    Can anyone identify the Eagle on page 27...

    ....of the SPACE:1999 issue of SCI-FI & FANTASY model international, issue #39, please? It looks like the 1st 44" to me. Also, if anyone has a larger / colour version of this picture, could you post it please? Thanks! Howard.
  17. Howard

    Style List

    ..font used for the uniform patches and of course the Eagle CM and pod badges? I've used cut and paste in PS to make up a few of the letters I need, but having the font would save a lot of hassle. I've looked in the usual places to no avail. :( Thanks! Howard.
  18. Howard