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  1. Eagle12

    Profiles in History - Supermarionation Auction

    Profiles in History is having an auction at the end of July (2012) with several Gerry Anderson puppets up on the block. Rare thing to see here in the USA but you'll find some lessor known characters from Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and even Secret Service. Couple of props on there too from Scarlet...
  2. Eagle12

    Space 1999 Live!

    Filmed live at the Sapphire Room in Peterborough, ON on various nights in Sept and Oct of 2011. It's fun to listen to the audience laugh to the lines performed as they were originally given. Would love to have been part of the audience myself, creative use of staple guns as phasers: Episode 1 -...
  3. Eagle12

    Space 1999 - Star Flash Computer

    So I was reading an article from the San Francisco Chronicle about "When arcades ruled the Bay Area" and my jaw dropped when I saw the third pic. Oh I had this Moonbase Alpha set... even had Russell and Bergman but alas no Koenig, he was sold out that Xmas. The article mentions the kid playing...
  4. Eagle12

    Real Flying Eagle

    Someone out there has created an actual flying Eagle... pretty cool, I want one! :thumbup:
  5. Eagle12

    'Space Precinct' on DVD

    Beginning November 23rd Image Entertainment will be distributing the complete series of Space Precinct on DVD. The 5-disc set will contain all 24 episodes (1063 minutes) of the U.K. program, presenting them in full screen video and English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio. Cost is $49.98 SRP...
  6. Eagle12

    Google Moon - Moonbase Alpha in 3D

    Here is a download for Moonbase Alpha to be placed on the moon of the Google Earth program. Unfortunately I can only see about half of the base when using this but perhaps it's glitch with the Mac OSX version and those of you on Windows may see it better. Really cool though... do make sure...
  7. Eagle12

    Selling Garage Kits Agreement

    I would like to suggest a possible solution to think about during the upcoming hiatus (let's not say shut-down) of this site. I'm sure many things are being discussed and while this is not fool-proof it might help to contain some of the issues at hand. Seller Membership: All sales through the...
  8. Eagle12

    Happy Halloween! Party like it's 1999!

    Here is a fan made video to celebrate this holiday... :guin: :evil::--:::yarr::alien::jest::ono::C::w00t::st::old: Boo!
  9. Eagle12

    Space: 1999 Year 2 Soundtrack Release The Future Is Fantastic! Stand by for more Gerry Anderson action shortly. The long awaited Space: 1999 Year 2 is set for launch on October 26th. The seventh release in our series in conjuction with Fanderson brings Derek Wadsworth’s jazzy synth themes to CD...
  10. Eagle12

    Landau's Eagle Escape Craft

    New film from Landau shot here in San Francisco a year or so back. One of my coworkers back then had dinner with Martin and some other industry people, said he was a great charmer... did let him know I was jealous to miss that dinner. Posting here because of the comment from his date (partner?)...
  11. Eagle12

    Martin Bower Updates Space: 1999 Pages

    Martin Bower has updated his Space: 1999 pages with some really great images of his models for reference. :thumbup:
  12. Eagle12

    SPACE:1999 Original Filming Miniatures... and the winner is?

    Someone out there is a lot poorer, but I'm sure quite happy with their winnings. :drool: Anyone on here want to fess up???
  13. Eagle12

    And the Adventure Continues...

    Some nice audio productions for Space 1999 are going on out there. Here are a couple currently in production: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From Sci-Fi World This is the story of a rescue mission from Earth to retrieve the crew of Moonbase Alpha, currently in pre-production...
  14. Eagle12

    Thunderbirds Exhibition, Blackpool 1994

    I so wish i could have seen this and the previous Alton Towers/Space City exhibits before all the Space 1999 props disbanded... at least most everything went to good homes. Not much here for S99 but I'm sure lots of you will like this....
  15. Eagle12

    Gerry Anderson Cutaways

    Thought this was pretty cool... :thumbup: From Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance website
  16. Eagle12

    Hawk - Deep Space Disasters

    The History Channel had a program called The Universe - Deep Space Disaster where they talked about antimatter engines and used the Hawk model to demonstrate how it could explode over a large city. Check out the following video at the 3:34 marker to see the Hawk in flight and follow it to its...
  17. Eagle12

    Landau through the Black Sun

    Ran across this interview with Martin Landau from last year, must be the wig but he looks like his aged character from the Black Sun episode. That and he truly has aged... :old:
  18. Eagle12

    Nuclear Disposal Studio Shot

    I remember having this issue of the Space 1999 Annual (1976) and noticing the studio lights in this shot.... guess the publishers didn't notice it though. Thought I'd share as it's a familiar image usually cropped:
  19. Eagle12

    Original Pieces, possible modifications?

    I built a little diorama with two domes that I purchased from Phil Rae. Although used in the series they are unidentified. Question is whether I should actually paint the main dome and add other bits. I added the orange cap and nuclear warning label with paper to match up what was seen in...
  20. Eagle12

    My Space 1999 Builds

    Here are some pictures of what I've been building over the last few months. Most are works in progress I hope to complete very soon... This picture shows the Monitoring Depot I built from scratch. I've made it so I can put a red or white bulb inside to light up the interior windows (it looks...